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How to make your dog happy with Furbo

The revolutionary Dog Camera to interact with your dog when you're not home

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Who lives in Milan knows it. This city can give a lot but also can take as much. The Milanese dog owners feels that even more: like all metropolis, Milan pushes its citizens to stress levels hard to keep up with. And our four-legged friends pay the bill too. But there is a remedy to come and rescue busy dog owners: Furbo, the revolutionary Dog Camera that enables you to interact with your pet when away from home.

Furbo Dog Camera

With Christmas on the doorstep, the race for the right gift rages in the city. Constant traffic jam, no parking spots available anywhere and crowded shops are daily routines these days. Neverthelass this year we ordered whilst comfortably seated on the sofa what we believe is one of the nicest gadget of 2018 for our friends who share with us the joys and sorrows of keeping a dog at home: Furbo Dog Camera.

Furbo Dog Camera

Nothing to do with normal smart cameras, thanks to the help and support of professional trainers and veterinarians Furbo was designed for dogs to make them feel loved even when they have to spend long hours alone at home. A smart camera allowing you to see, talk and even toss treats to your four-legged friend through an app on your phone. The full HD camera with night vision broadcasts very clear images from anywhere in the world. Have you ever been concerned with your dog and his barking during your absences? Damaging the already fragile relationships with the neighbors? Thanks to a notification on your mobile phone, Furbo warns you of the inconvenience so that you can talk and calm your dog down.

Furbo Dog Camera

But the fun part, which we will never be tired of, is the educational one that allows you to remotely train using the “positive reinforcement” method. Does your puppy behave well? Then reward it with a toss of treats, accompanied by a sound that will help the animal to establish a positive feeling towards this tool. And then what is probably the sweetest thing of this device: with Furbo it is possible to make the dog perceive your presence. Thanks to the light indicator, using only the colors dogs can recognize – yellow and blue – you can tell him you are there with him: while online the light will change from yellow to blue to attract his attention and from that moment on (after a little practice) he will learn to recognize this input as a sign of your discreet presence.

Furbo Dog Camera

No more rushing home after work or time wasted checking in person whether your dog is in the process of destroying the flat. Enjoy your aperitivo and while sipping a glass of wine, just watch your phone. Now you have a reason to keep it always at your fingertips and conquer the sympathy of your interlocutors (instead of losing it)!


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