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5 ways to discover Christmas in Milan

Walk around the city in one of the most fascinating neighborhoods in Milan

Christmas is finally upon us and Milan is enveloped by its magical atmosphere, forcing us to walk with our noses upwards to admire the sparkling decorations that illuminate the city.

Despite the harsh winter weather, it becomes almost pleasant to dedicate a day to searching for the perfect Christmas gift, taking advantage of your free time to enjoy a tasteful lunch and, why not, a relaxing afternoon dedicated to culture, which during the year too often we neglect, forgetting about all the things the city has to offer.

The charming district of 5 Vie, Milan’s oldest crossroads, offers countless opportunities. Apparently distant worlds meet here, giving rise to an itinerary of splendid ateliers, casual restaurants and a rich artistic and cultural heritage jealously guarded by the streets of the neighborhood.  

You just have to unplug from the city momentarily and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the 5 Vie district.  


Via Santa Marta, 14

Wait and see - Milano

An eclectic boutique but also exhibition space and meeting place, this shop represents a real lifestyle that the founder, Uberta Zambeletti, wanted to bring out with every single exhibited piece. The name on the sign is almost a warning: Wait and See, wait and see. In fact, once you enter you will not have time to wait, and your gaze will be captured by magnificent clothes, splendid accessories and bijoux, stationery items and vintage pieces among which you will avidly search for the one that suits your style or that you should buy for the friend you almost forgot about. 


Via Santa Marta, 19

il Natale a Milano alla scoperta delle 5 Vie

After various experiences in the fashion and design sectors, two Veronese sisters have decided to combine their professional paths by creating an eccentric space in the heart of the district, a splash of color that will illuminate your gray December day. Funky Table offers a new decorative language, with disparate styles and risky but decidedly intriguing combinations. If the gift you have to buy is for a person who is redecorating a house or would like to revive a neglected corner, this is the right place. A unique and unpredictable selection of sought-after items does not wait for you. 


Via Cesare Correnti, 28

il Natale a Milano alla scoperta delle 5 Vie

For a break that will make you forget for a few hours the thousands of commitments and the little time available that you have to complete them, the most ideal and tastiest solution to refresh yourself is Pausa – Your Italian Break, a bar and bistro that offers Italian specialties dressed in an international and minimal look. Wrapped in a warm and welcoming atmosphere that helps to fight low winter temperatures, you can enjoy an excellent Roman-style pizza or one of the various types of pasta combined with a tasty and genuine sauce. If you come here in the evening, order a spritz or a glass of wine and then stop for dinner. The sparkling atmosphere will make your break even more special.


Via Circo, 1

il Natale a Milano alla scoperta delle 5 Vie

A concept store with a youthful but gritty spirit, Lizard presents itself as an environment that combines clothing and art in the same space, where high ceilings, pink walls and a modern installation of lights frame a wide selection of brands in vogue but difficult to find in Milan. In addition to clothing, the store also offers cosmetics, vases and small objects from North European and American designers, which contribute to making it one of the most loved shops in the city and the right place to finally find the last missing gift.


Via Nerino, 3

il Natale a Milano alla scoperta delle 5 Vie

La Nuova Galleria Morone is the perfect cultural parenthesis to spend a December afternoon in the company of contemporary art. An attentive place to highlight different artistic expressive languages ​​and to give the right space to the various artists it hosts, until 21 December 2019, the gallery presents the exhibition “AA.VV.- The Places of the book,” an exhibition of works by Italian and international artists, introduced by a text by Vittoria Coen, through which it is possible to understand the developments, especially in contemporary art, of the concept of “artist’s book,” thanks to the presence of objects and installations.


Piazza Pio XI, 2

il Natale a Milano alla scoperta delle 5 Vie

The Ambrosiana is a treasure chest that contains three souls: the Pinacoteca, the Library and the Academy have the function of promoting and spreading the love for letters, the arts, the sciences and beauty. In the Crypt of San Sepolcro, until 31 December 2019, you can immerse yourself in an artistic journey with the encounter between the artist Marina Abramović and Santa Teresa d’Avila, one of the most important figures of Catholicism. Through a cycle of three video projections, you can attend some performances of the Serbian artist dating back to 2009, that will give you a unique and unforgettable experience.


Via dell’Ambrosiana, 20

il Natale a Milano alla scoperta delle 5 Vie

The quiet Via dell’Ambrosiana hides a small gem that few know: the Mangini Bonomi museum. Located in an elegant Milanese building which is accessed through a magnificent eighteenth-century gate, it displays a collection divided into different sections. In addition to the furnishings, partly belonging to the family, it also brings together a vast collection of precious objects divided by subject. Cases, playing cards, weapons, fans, toys and archaeological pieces will make you jump into the past by telling how man once lived between work, private life and fun.

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