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Interview – #BackDoor43

The smallest club in the world, a new door to drinking in Milan

“Riddle me this, isn’t this trap just pure bliss?”… May 2015: reinvigorated by the scent of spring, we come out of the gray winter numbness and we begin to set the city on fire. The Expo has begun and thank God, asides from the black blocs, everything seems to be going smoothly… Foreigners are coming and the city begins to fill up as much and more than expected… so far so good.

However something unexpected has disturbed our sleep: a touch of suspense overwhelms us. Edgar Allan Poe, Hitchcock, Agatha Christie, Stanley Garden and other atypical crime novels begin to appear everywhere. Some psychopath has emptied libraries around Milan and wants to kill us all? Nowadays who can tell anymore… If it weren’t for the presence of a bookmark inside the volumes, we would’ve put our best Burberry trench coat on and started looking for the psycho: #BackDoor43. On the back a sentence: “You have found your first clue. Continue the search to open a new door to drinking in Milan.”

Now we are completely enraptured. We wear our trench anyway and try to understand more… Facebook is helpful as usual. A further series of clues and a phone number. We call right away. A woman answers: “May 22nd, come find us!”. We begin to rack our brains, and to think that we were so good at riddles when we were little… Of course the years go by for everyone. OK, we can do it! I send a text and introduce myself. By now I’m dogged. I go to the meeting and after an hour I find two unanswered calls and a message: “…I look for you, you cannot find me. May 22nd, we’ll meet there… I wait for you. #BackDoor43“. No way… I call back. This time a man answers. He says to send him the questions via text. We’re almost there.

It is written that #BackDoor43 will be the new door to drinking in Milan. What will be served? Wines, cocktails, or both? Food?

#BackDoor43: “Only cocktails.”

Once the launch is complete, will the location be revealed to those who could not guess it or will it remain secret? Is it open to the public or just to possible members?

#BackDoor43: “The door is open to everyone. The hardest part is not finding it but understanding what it is.”

Permanent speakeasy or temporary bar?

#BackDoor43: “#BackDoor43 is permanent, but it is not a speakeasy”.

We understand you love crime novels, should we expect a criminal clientele at #BackDoor43? (ok maybe we got too engrossed, but let’s treat ourselves)!

#BackDoor43: “Nobody will be killed at #BackDoor43”

Can we have an exclusive clue beyond those released on your Facebook page?

#BackDoor43: “#Backdoor43 will be the smallest club in the world”.

By now I seem to be the psychopath. Absorbed in my map with clues written around it. “What the hell!” I think, “How many house numbers 43 can there be in Milan?”. I cannot resist and ask one last thing with no hope of a reply: Has anyone managed to guess? Could you send us some photos?

The photos come together with this reply: #BackDoor43: “Someone wrote us in private and found us and managed to book.”

For now we are only certain that there is a place in Milan for this Friday night… How far have you got? Unconventional marketing? We know about it… and we are contributing with pleasure.

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