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Mag’s Money Heist

The Fall-Winter 18/19 drink list that will make you rich, has just arrived!

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“We will make our custumers rich. See you in September”. This is how the most original video preview ends, which any respectable drink list can ever aspire. Speaking these words, with his usual charm, Flavio Angiolillo in the role of “the professor” by the successful Spanish series on Netflix, “Money Heist”, debuts the occasion in a parody set, ça va sans dire, in Navigli: Mag’s Money Heist.

Here we are in September. While we are waiting to watch the characters that we loved on its third season, we can discover their avatar behind the counter of Mag Cafè or Backdoor43, strategic basis of the whole operation. Salerno, Torino, Grosseto, Bergamo Bassa, Milano, Foligno and, Mestre and Bergamo Alta are the protagonists of the revolution that brought a great innovation to our favorite bar: I Leri.

La Casa del MAG - Milano

You won’t be tired of collecting them, because they will replace the accompanying gadgets to the drinks that we are get used to at Mag: each cocktail has a value in Leri, right next to the price, which is in the coolest checkbook that you have ever seen and for sure, is the new menu.

La Casa del MAG - Milano

For each drink you will receive a banknote, which can be worth from 50 to 500 Leri, and once you reach a limit (and consequently a nice booty), you can order other drinks or you may exchange them with the fascinating objects displayed inside the room. A Tip: if your eyes fall on the new cups on the walls, take one of those, tomorrow morning will be perfect for a nice dose of aspirin. You will thank us.

La Casa del MAG - Milano

But let’s talk about the menu. To create it, any form of commercial exchange has been inspiring since the dawn of time. The drinks on the list are twelve, plus the ever-present four signature cocktails that we are now pleasantly get used to: the Negroni del marinaio, the Giappone, the Farmer’s punch and the l’Asia Mule.

La Casa del MAG - Milano

Take the Podpé for example: it is the Creole name of Port-de-Paix, a Haiti municipality infested by the black market. What to expect then? The rum Clairin Casimir, Vermuth Mulassano red, bitter with citrus, the Cynar (based on artichoke), the Grand Marnier, with its orange essences, and of course theFarmily Asia, infused with sage, poppy, nutmeg and hypericum . All spices from which, if you work in a certain way, you can extract drugs, which are sold in Podpé.

La Casa del MAG - Milano

Or the Uluwatu Punch, inspired by the temple of Uluwatu in Bali, known for the monkeys’ mafia: the Macaques steal valuables from tourists and do not return them until they receive something of their liking in return, like some fine fruit. That same fruit used to make the cocktail in question unique. The so-called Monkey 47, Farmily Asia, the Magnificent Mango, and Red Fruit Tea, Saffron, Hibiscus and Lime are therefore unavoidable.

La Casa del MAG - Milano

Lose yourself on remote trips and order an “Old Journey” or a “Mexican Trip”, or any of the other cocktails on the list designed to make you travel with your mind until the end of the world, and then of course to get you back with your feet on the ground, up to this corner in Navigli that never ceases to amazing us. In the meantime, we are waiting for you here, greedily counting our Leri while we are ordering the next cocktail: “Una Sangria del Professore per favore!”.


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