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Milan’s best Panzerotti

If you try them, you’ll fall in love…

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My friends had lost all hope, yet it happened. Finally, at the young age of 27, I have made my decision. In every group of friends, you can usually find more or less the same profiles: the goofy, the funny, the beauty (the one that, who knows how, eats but does not gain weight) and the beast. Well, I am the beast, not really because I am a monster, but unfortunately because, up until yesterday, I hadn’t actually figured out what I wanted from life, so I had nothing to say when my friends talked about the future, when they imagined their houses by the sea, or when they dreamed about wearing a wedding dress.

By the way, as I was saying, this morning I realized that I have made my decision and with some kind of enthusiasm I could even say that I have fallen in love. My beloved suitors are called panzerotti and they show up in special places, far from the heart, but very close to the taste buds.

Here’s the list of the city’s best panzerotti according to Flawless Milano.

BIS Panzerotti – You can really taste the Apulian authenticity

Corso Colombo 6

Bis Panzerotti - Milano
Photo Credit © BIS Panzerotti

A spot in the hearth of the Navigli, just 100 m away from Porta Genova bus stop. There’s no choice, if you come in you will have to give in to the temptation of authentic Apulian recipes. The panzerotti are small, soft and somewhat crunchy (I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but I swear that’s the truth). The décor is austere by choice, but that does not mean it’s not welcoming, quite the contrary. You can eat them standing up, paired with a nice home brew, or you can take them home in a practical and very beautiful cardboard box! Textbook packaging!

Mimì Gourmet – The dream kiosk

Piazzale Antonio Baiamonti 3

Mimì Gourmet - Panzerotto - Milano
Photo Credit © Mimi Gourmet

That’s it, one panzerotto and then a hundred more! A true culinary gem in a spartan place where all you can do is order, pay and take away (or at most sit outside by the tables they set up in the warmer months). Could this be Mimi Gourmet’s allure? The panzerotto is a HOLY PANZEROTTO and the truth is that, once you have it in front of you, you don’t need anything else…not even Brad Pitt could distract you from the last bite.

IL PRISCIO – A corner of Apulia in the center of Milan

Via Santa Tecla 5

Il Priscio - Ristorante Milano
Photo Credit © Il Priscio

Make way for the experts, this is the place for those who know about panzerotti. When you come to “Il Priscio”, you’ll hear the Apulian dialect, you’ll recognize honest smiles and dark eyes amongst glimpses of Bari and aromas from Salento. You can make a reservation and guarantee a table and you will enjoy fried or baked panzerotti, the company of friends and the Apulian warmth… in other words, the best!

LUINI – Intramontabile istituzione dal 1888

Via Santa Radegonda 16

Luini Milano

Classic and timeless, not recognizing the beauty of this place would be absolutely uncalled for. Those who do not already know Luini, what are you waiting for to introduce yourselves? Luini is one of Milan’s establishments that keep up their good name: the recipe hasn’t changed, just like the flow of customers has never gone down. Luini is a bit like grandma’s cooking: yes, that taste, the one you can experience only after a lot of experience and tradition.

‘O sole mio, ‘O mia bela Madunina, ‘O panzerotto… nothing truer than that: food brings us all together and there’s nothing more important.

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