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Montefiore – A Place for Gin

Terrazza Gallia is an exclusive privè to have a good drink and admire the city from above

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Raise your hand if you never dreamed that you’d receive an invitation to a private, elegant environment, perhaps on the rooftop of Milan with a breathtaking view of the city, made even better when accompanied by drinks and delicacies prepared by a skilled chef. This place exists and is called Montefiore – A place for gin.

Montefiore - A Place for Gin

On the seventh floor of the central Excelsior Hotel Gallia, which has served as a meeting point for a sophisticated clientele from all over the world since 1932, there is a lounge furnished with comfortable sofas and tropical plants wrapped in black walls that reflect the light, creating an intimate and modern atmosphere that can accommodate up to eight people. A mixologist is always available to prepare cocktails that will brighten your stay at a mini-bar with a gin station.

Montefiore - A Place for Gin

When you are welcomed in, it feels like a special occasion. The staff, professional and reserved, offer an attentive and classy service. While sitting at Montefiore, you are inside a private room where you can meet at the end of a long day of work or sightseeing in the city. It was designed for not just hotel guests but for the Milanese who want to organize professional appointments or simply relax while sipping a good drink.

Montefiore - A Place for Gin

Liquor lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the drink list designed in collaboration with Plymouth Gin. Martini & Pickels combines the timeless Martini Cocktail with a Montgomery style, Double P mixes the strong taste of gin and refined Champagne Ruinart with a touch of beetroot, the Tea Party transports you to England with an Anglo-Saxon soul that combines gin, smoked Lapsang tea syrup, and lemon and orange foam.

Montefiore - A Place for Gin

If you feel guilty about abandoning your diet, remember that the Royal Navy, as the Sailor’s Diet states, called for a daily intake of gin for each sailor until the 1870s. So, go ahead and enjoy cocktails and quality food from Terrazza Gallia. From their renowned cuisine, you can order a selection of finger foods and freshly prepared delicacies.

Montefiore - A Place for Gin

The roasted paprika almonds are irresistible but do not just settle with this suggestion. The real gems are the Montanarine, and Pizza Nuvola prepared to perfection that present the best of what the kitchen has to offer. We tasted the Montanarine with Piennolo yellow tomatoes, anchovies, and smoked provola, and the Pizza Nuvola with cream of broccoli, pecorino, raisins, and pine nuts. The priceless view from the rooftop, the quality of the cocktails, and the elegance that distinguishes every detail are the ingredients that will make your stay at Montefiore an unforgettable experience. Montefiore is a unique locale that places Milan among the ranks of the great international cities.


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