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The most tasty winter snacks in Milan

It's time for smoking-hot mugs and slices of cake

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For ill-thinkers and fitness-addicts the afternoon snack is an unforgivable sin. But we must never listen to those who aren’t capable of enjoying life. Instead we should see the afternoon snack for what it is: a relaxing break, a parenthesis of sweetness and tranquility in which to reorganize our own thoughts, find new strength and recover the energy that we lost during the day. The snack can also be transformed, why not , in a moment of discovery and gastronomic experimentation. After all, you know very well that here in Milan there are excellences behind every corner and culinary talents abound.

This list is designed for you, for those who have left the work and, before returning to their house,  want to spend an hour only to themselves, those who feel a pang of hunger in the middle of the afternoon like a thunderbolt in a clear sky, those who, assailed by the cold, decide to take refuge in a corner of warmth and comfort that opens up before them.


Corso Magenta, 96


Petit bistrot inspired by the French Belle Époque, all dark walls and vintage decorations, the Bistrò96 is a corner of Milan that tastes like home with a service that lasts from seven in the morning to nine in the evening, from breakfast to the aperitif. Coffee options include Caffè 96, a specialty of the house, but there are also flavored coffees, fresh smoothies and teas from around the world. On the two levels of a cake cart, always fresh and in rotation, you will find cakes, croissants, biscuits and honey madeleines. The Bistrò96 will be the sweet break that will change your day.


Via Archimede, 59


Marotin is a small treasure chest of goodness with a cozy atmosphere, where butter, sugar and colors triumph. When you open the door you are greeted by a scent of sweets, cakes, pies, brioches, pastries, biscuits, creams. Each preparation is presented with an incredible care: the displayed sweets, together with the vintage iron chairs and the decorated floor make the environment even warmer and more welcoming. Marotin is absolutely one of those we love to call “posticini” that we are always looking for Milan, you can’t miss it.

Ofelè – Caffè & Coccole

Via Savona, 2


This bistro in Via Savona knows well how to do its job and, above all, how to spoil its customers. Four tables, two chefs and a counter for a bakery that smells like home. Even if the environment is small, everything is well organized. The menu is full of proposals and the dishes are freshly prepared: from pancakes to waffles, sweet and savory, from bagels to toast, and even brownies, biscuits, cakes of the day, centrifuged fruit, juices, tea and coffee. It is true that sometimes happiness is found in the scent of a freshly baked cake.

Crazy Cat Café

Via Napo Torriani, 5


First and only Cat Cafè in Lombardy, this incredible place was born from a love for cats combined with the memory of a visit to one of Osaka’s neko cafés. The cats you find inside are all foundlings in need of home and affection, all with a mild character, of course, always intent on playing with baskets and scratching posts. The menu is essential and limited because everything is prepared at the moment and with selected ingredients. The cafeteria and bakery section offers delicious cakes, mousses and other desserts accompanied by teas, smoothies, cappuccinos and so on and so forth. And if the food does not melt your heart, the wonderful kittens will take care of it. Who could resist?

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