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MU dimsum

Enjoy Hong Kong in the center of Milan

Natural colours, lots of wood (hence the Chinese word MU), and lush plants transport you directly to a forest in the heart of Milan to savor the best cuisine Hong Kong has to offer. This is what is immediately striking about MU dimsum: it is a refined and welcoming environment with a beautiful, spacious, lounge atmosphere that promotes an exciting and dominant green design that confirms the quality of every dish. In fact, the restaurant only uses organic products from local Italian farms.

Mu DimSum - Milano

The name itself already reveals the restaurant’s culinary strong point: the famous “dim sum” or Chinese ravioli that we love so much. Here, this traditional dish is influenced by flavors you would never expect, and for this reason we admire it even more. Those who want to try it all should definitely check out the Dim Sum Combo, a selection of 5 ravioli each with a different filling that represents the best the menu has to offer.

Mu DimSum - Milano

Although not featured in the combo, the classic Xia Long Bao stuffed with organic pork and broth always leaves customers satisfied (and maybe with a couple stains if you are not careful when you open it). Sticking with the dim sum theme, try the spicy duck ragout if you love slightly strong yet traditional Chinese flavors. Starting with the ravioli is a must, but choosing which one to taste is a challenge because each flavor is more enticing than the last.

Mu DimSum - Milano

You can also order one of the various sautéed rice or spaghetti dishes served with vegetables, meat or fish, but to enjoy a full gastronomic experience, try the sweet and sour sea bass in a black vinegar sauce or the duck breast accompanied by foie gras scallops. All this can be paired together with an excellent red or white wine, but the real Chinese food fundamentalist would order one of the prized Chinese teas found towards the back of the menu.

Mu DimSum - Milano

The Hong Kong that MU dimsum builds for its guests with cannot be left behind without trying one of the traditional sweets, such as the signature mochi or matcha-flavored ice cream. And if you prefer a good Italian tiramisu, look no further than MU dimsum for your fix.

Mu DimSum - Milano

At this point, while it is no longer necessary to read this review, it is imperative that you act on our advice. Come savor the best of Hong Kong’s culinary tradition in the center of Milan at MU dimsum.

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