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The partnership Foorban & Flawless Milano

In November and December you will be able to find your Best of Mi. in every Foorban order!

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Founded in 2014, Flawless Milano continues to build its directory with one overriding objective in mind: to help you cut through the noise and discover why Milan continues to be one of the world’s most dynamic and trend-setting cities when it comes to food, fashion, art, design and nightlife.

Foorban - Best of Mi.

Best of Mi.

the free monthly pocket guide by Flawless Milano – connects foreigners and the Milanese alike with the best experiences in the city.


the digital restaurant of Milan, aims to improve the quality of life of its customers by offering healthy and delicious alternatives to the usual office meals. In an era when the only true luxury is time, the match of Flawless Milano and Foorban leads to an organic high-value-added collaboration for the end consumer: the opportunity to take advantage of lunch breaks and plan downtime activities with friends and loved ones while enjoying a meal of home-made quality.

Fresh dishes with the finest seasonal ingredients used are delivered directly to your office or home, ensuring you a healthy lifestyle in addition to a busy one: the menu changes daily, and the proposed selection is inspired by the balanced single meal which combines the attention to nutritional values with the characteristics of freshness and seasonality.

Foorban App

Placing an order is very simple

just go to the website or download the app from Apple Store or Google Play, pick the timing of delivery, and the deed is done!

In November and December, thanks to this collaboration, you will find your Best of Mi. in every Foorban order… collect them all and stay updated on the latest trends in the city!

Bombarded daily by information of all kinds, transmitted by an ever-increasing number of communication tools, we sometimes look for a simplification, a reliable source, a guide. Flawless Milano was born from this need, and tells the best experiences to have in Milan with style, precision and personality.

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