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Posta Bistrot spring menu

Remember your first love letters after tasting this natural menu

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Posta Bistrot is a small warm and welcoming world where everything smells of memories, love for traditions and historical research. The restaurant is located near the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio – a symbolic place in Milan’s history – set in an unusual post office. Here, in fact, stamps, letters, clerks and postmen replace cutlery, kitchen utensils, waiters and chefs. Here they prioritize passion in each dish they prepare.

Il menù primaverile di Posta Bistrot - Milano

The goal is to recall the feelings that have always bound people, often expressed in letters or messages. Eating well is a great way to achieve this. A taste or childhood smell is enough to bring back the purest emotions to those who those who experience it. The location is designed with every detail in mind. Wooden tables and chairs are surrounded by typewriters, vintage radios and other period objects such as a rotary phone, scales with small weights and a gramophone. The bottle-green walls are the touch that makes the difference.

Il menù primaverile di Posta Bistrot - Milano

But let’s not forget that Posta is a bistro and the focus is undoubtedly on food. One of the strengths of the menu is its seasonality, which is why after the proposals of the winter period we went to try the latest options. Always consistent with its philosophy, the kitchen tends to enhance Italian raw ingredients and recipes with some small foreign influences.

Il menù primaverile di Posta Bistrot - Milano

The king of appetizers is the platter of cured meats, starts the meal with Parma ham, feline salami, pistachio mortadella, with parmesan red berries, grated pecorino cheese and buffalo mozzarella. Alternatively, you can choose from a tasty basket of mixed fries with battered vegetables, strips of chicken with herbs and zeppoline with sea algae or a savory Parmesan-flavored Flan with bitto cream.

Il menù primaverile di Posta Bistrot - Milano

The first course includes great classics like the Sorrentine potato gnocchi served in a small pan and the cheese and pepper ravioli creamed with clarified butter, completed by the addition of lemon zest and sage. The Valtellina pizzoccheri is served according to the original recipe in all its goodness. Meat is served in different types of cooking. Sliced ​​beef with rocket, an evergreen, is accompanied by piennolo cherry tomatoes and topped with Mexican oil.

Il menù primaverile di Posta Bistrot - Milano

The American influence is evident in the Texan Brisket (low-temperature brisket) accompanied by a purple cap marinated with apple vinegar. Lovers of Neapolitan specialties will not be disappointed with the Neapolitan sausage (with a knife) and friarielli with oiled bread. The desserts, always different, add a sweet note to your dinner. Discover the proposals of the day and let yourself be tempted.

Il menù primaverile di Posta Bistrot - Milano

Posta Bistrot – open from morning to evening – is not only suitable for a romantic dinner. Try it for breakfast with friend or lunch with colleagues, choosing one of the perfect salads for a business lunch or an aperitif. The staff is always on hand to best accompany every moment of your day.

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