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Rosticceria Fontana

Feel at home a stone’s throw away from the Duomo

If you enter during its busiest hours, you might risk feeling like a sardine, but this is precisely what makes this place so beautiful and unique. Rosticceria Fontana has been operating for several decades and Davide, together with all his staff, is always smiling and treating each customer with respect.

The idea is that of hot table gastronomy, just a few square meters dedicated to the display of dishes rather than to eating. Here, in fact, regardless of who you are there is little sitting room, mostly standing perched by the shelf as it is rare to find the stools free. If you happen to walk down Via Speronari – a stone’s throw from the Duomo – the vintage sign and display of enticing foods will sure catch your eye.

Unlike those stores where food seems to have been prepared hours earlier and have since been abandoned for display, here every dish always looks fresh and delicious. fresh. There really is something for everyone! Among the first courses we range from filled pasta, risottos, lasagne, paella and timbales. Steamed Salmon and Saint Peter are almost always served, but we can often find baked sea bream, sea bass and cod. With shellfish it is easier to find salads or the classic octopus and potatoes. Vegetables come in every form from creams or pastries, baked, barbecued, steamed, stewed, in oil. Meat, on the other hand, always includes chicken, turkey, veal in the form of meat loaf, as well as options of pork and red meat.

Lobsters were also bought around Christmas! Everything can be consumed on the spot or taken away as it is prepared quickly and nothing is left for the next day. The dishes are tasty, cooked with the same careas if you prepared them at home, pasta al dente and rice never overcooked. You also pay an honest price, what more could you want?

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