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Gastronomia Yamamoto

The dishes of authentic Japenese tradition in Milan

The first time I entered casually, under the impression that it was a different bar. Yet a white window sticker signified that this was now a new property. Gastronomia Yamamoto recently opened in the local Missori area, signed by the Yamamoto family; the queen here is Aya, who has decided to bring to Milan only authentic dishes of the Japanese tradition.

Gastronomia Yamamoto - Milano

When you arrive at Via Amedei 5, you can choose the contents of a bento box to take away or enjoy in the restaurant around a table in the back. RIght in front of the kitchen where the chefs skillfully juggle the fresh food. The style of the place is minimal and with few distractions. Even the newspapers scattered around evoke the land from overseas. The atmosphere is inevitably exotic, the perfect place to stumble upon typical Asian cuisine.

Gastronomia Yamamoto - Milano

The pork sandwich, accompanied with the tonkatsu sauce, is a delight: a kind of cutlet inside toasted bread with seaweed salad and a heavenly sauce. Also the teriaki chicken (teri means bright, in reference to the color of the sauce) and the Ka-ree (curry to our pronunciation, 99.9% of the Japanese have grown up eating this exquisite dish) are noteworthy. Also make note of the wa-fu steak donburi, a soy sauce and butter and grilled or stewed fish, and their grilled eel, which tastes different than anything previously tasted.

Gastronomia Yamamoto - Milano

The Yamamoto Gastronomy menu is definitely inviting. Everything here feels as if you’ve traveled to the other side of the world, even if your feet are planted in Milan.

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