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  • Panificio Davide Longoni
    Via Tiraboschi 19, Milano

    Sometimes you need to go back to your roots. To a familiar flavor that reminds you of home. To a scent that has accompanied all of humanity since the...

  • Rosticceria Fontana
    Via Speronari 5, Milano

    If you enter during its busiest hours, you might risk feeling like a sardine, but this is precisely what makes this place so beautiful and unique. Rosticceria Fontana has...

  • Gastronomia Yamamoto
    Via Amedei, 5

    The first time I entered casually, under the impression that it was a different bar. Yet a white window sticker signified that this was now a new property. Gastronomia Yamamoto...

  • Björk Swedish Brasserie & Side Store
    Via Panfilo Castaldi 20, Milano

    “Good evening. And Welcome! Would you like an aperitif?” “Why, of course!” “Here you are, sparkling apple cider” – (wow!) – “And to nibble a small smørrebrød with smoked...

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