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Where to find Cold Press Juices in Milano

Jam-packed full of nutrition

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Training is good for you. The benefits of being physically active are numerous – decreasing fat mass, increasing muscle mass, reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease, and lowered stress levels. However, in order for these benefits to become apparent, it is important to pair your training regimen with an adequate diet. In the fitness industry, we look for food that is natural, fresh and genuine. Sportsmen tend to pay special attention to the pre-workout meal, but often forget to restore energy levels right after training.

Depending on the type of physical activity practiced, a recovery meal needs to be balanced according to the type of effort that has been expended. So, to make those hours at the gym worthwhile, you need to know what to choose for your post-workout snack and where to find it if you forget to pack it into your workout bag.

My advice is to consume a cold pressed juice (or an extract) within 30 minutes of wrapping up your daily exercise. This will help you restore blood glucose levels, mineral salts, and lost vitamins from your work out. Not all fresh juices have the same properties though, and at times they may contain high sugar contents that counteract any benefits of the exercise you’ve just done.

Here’s where you can find the best cold press juice for your post-workout snack in Milan.


Cold Pressed Juice - Depuravita

Your cold pressed juice can be delivered directly to your home or work. Depuravita has a line of cold press juices designed specifically to be consumed by athletes. I recommend the Power Juice No.2 with spinach, iceberg lettuce and apple salad with the addition of chlorella, a type of algae that reduces inflammation. Additionally, the 500 ml pack ensures the perfect amount of post workout hydration.


Cold Pressed Juice - Type

A stone’s throw away from Porta Nuova and piazza Gae Aulenti there is a Berlin-style restaurant where every detail is kept in the slightest detail. Here you will find a wide range of cold pressed juices to choose from as well as free WiFi. Type is also dog-friendly! There are different types of extracts served in cute glasses.


V3Raw Milano

The perfect location to consume “live food” after a workout. Organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables are cold squeezed to ensure that there is no loss of mineral salts during exercise. Full of vitamins, antioxidants and detox preparations these juices are the perfect treat. There is an excellent version which includes grapefruit, lemon, ginger and broccoli. The latter helps neutralize free radicals that emerge post workout.


Cold Pressed Juice - Maramaho

Tucked away in the backstreets around Duomo, you can find this all natural spot. Here cold press juices are packed for take away and there is a ‘Roots’ line of products formulated specifically to meet the needs of athletes. Cold press juices are made with blueberries and beetroot and indicated for pre-workout as well, as it is rich in antioxidants and iron.

Photo Credit Cover Picture: Daniela Delli per V3 Raw