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Spazio IKOS

An oasis in the city for all your aesthetic needs

In via Pirandello 4/A, in the heart of the Washington district, there is a beauty salon that has become over the last twenty years a point of reference for all those who love taking care of themselves, first of all. Hidden inside a courtyard, Spazio IKOS unveils its charm slowly: you have to go through it all and ring a bell to a small side door to enter Barbara Petito’s fantastic world. The owner and expert of Naturopathy, from an idea, has come to realize the dream of her life.

Spazio IKOS - Milano

Barbara’s story began when she was young, when she decided to take over the space adjacent to what has today become one of the most popular aesthetic centers in Milan. With passion, you know, dreams come true, and so in 1999 she can finally expanded her little world dedicated to wellness to offer what makes the difference: a specialized, personalized and targeted treatment, based on the individual needs of the client.

Spazio IKOS - Milano

In fact, at Spazio IKOS, everything starts with a consultation: they understand customer’s needs to create an ad hoc program aimed at recovering and maintaining physical fitness. In fact, one of their specializations is the 360° body remodeling pathBrand slim project, structured in the preparation, attack and maintenance phases, designed to achieve individual goals and to arrive, through a mix of treatments, training and nutrition, to a real transformation of the physicality of the customers.

Spazio IKOS - Milano

If your free time is short and you want to rely on real professionals, this is where you have to come. The list of treatments covers every need: from the face, ranging from anti-aging, to peeling (made with cosmetics to restore the tissues and improve skin imperfections), to revitalizing, to the body (with each type of massage and treatment you can dream of – including LPG endermology), epilation (male and female) and finally manicure and pedicure with a dedicated station.

Spazio IKOS - Milano

More than a beauty salon, Spazio IKOS is in fact an oasis in the city to refer to for any aesthetic need you may have: to complete the offer, in fact, there are also treatments to prepare the skin for sun exposure, as the SUN SPA, or alternatively you can book a session for body tanning or pulsed light for permanent hair removal.

Spazio IKOS - Milano

In a city where you are always in a hurry, it is nice to find someone to rely completely on, without having to choose, with the certainty of always receiving the right answer. The philosophy of the center is indeed this: to cuddle the customers and make them feel at ease, to the point where they do not want to change anymore. It is no coincidence that many TV stars have been visiting Spazio IKOS for years, the privacy and professionalism of all the staff is a sweet certainty.

Spazio IKOS - Milano

Personally, I tried the “Rebalancing” treatment, which goes to work on the joints to restore proper circulation and rebalance the body and the “Delux facial cleansing”. Needless to say, once finished the stress and the illness with which I entered were only distant memories. To live an even more enveloping experience, however, you should take advantage of the adjacent space dedicated to Pilates, where you can take lessons, individual or in small groups, and let the expert instructors find you a real point of contact with your body.

Spazio IKOS - Milano

On the other hand, Mens sana in corpore sano. If you do not know it yet, what are you waiting for to try it? We can no longer do without it.

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences milan has to offer.

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