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Syria’s Milan and her twenty-year-long career

Born in Rome but Milanese by adoption, Cecilia Cipressi, alias Syria, never stops pursuing her dreams

Multifaceted and versatile, daughter of a discography that cares more about quality than success. Because for Syria, stage name of Cecilia Cipressi, playing music is something that goes beyond rankings, Top Ten and prizes. Raised on music, she’s trying to do the same for her children, making them listen to every kind of music, because as she puts it, it’s up to them to choose in the end. Despite attending Sanremo many times, Syria has remained down-to-earth, even trying her hand as a DJ. Her last single, “Islanda”, is dedicated to her husband. She’s been married for fourteen years, with two children and a twenty-year-old career. Coherent and stubborn, she never stops pursuing her dreams. Born in Rome, she moves to Milan at a very young age, and today she describes herself like this…

What made you choose Milan? What kind of city did you find?
I moved to Milan fifteen years ago for love, at the beginning I really struggled to integrate myself and I had a great longing for my family and friends. After a few years I started glimpsing many positive aspects about Milan, to the point where I chose to stay here forever, leaving Rome behind.

What’s your typical day in Milan like?
Each day is different. I go around on my bicycle a lot, I go to a gym near my house very often, and I spend time after my children, their schedule, the lunch and the house. In the afternoon I visit the studio to work on new recordings, I attend work cocktails, and I often play and organise DJ set for many events when I’m not touring… I never stop for a moment! I also visit a lot of exhibitions and concerts; Milan really is a stimulating city…

What do you do in Milan on a sunny weekend? Where do you go, how do you spend the time?
I love strolling near the canals (Navigli), eating outdoor and visiting the market on the last Sunday of the month.

Your three special places in Milan?
The Strehler Theatre, the Sforzesco Castle and Brera.

Brunch? Eataly Milan.

Lunch? Japanese restaurant Yokoama, seafood restaurant in Via Marghera, La Lisca, and the 28 posti Bistrot on the Naviglio canal.

Cocktail? Zog, on the Naviglio Grande.

Your favourite cocktail before getting on stage? A chilled glass of white wine.

Where do you go to eat after a concert?
I never eat out after a concert or a DJ Set in Milan, if anything I just crash on the sofa and eat a bowl of ice cream from Gelati Famosi in via Marghera.

Your ideal look on stage?
I love wearing evening gowns during my play “Bellissime”, dedicated to the women in the Italian music world. If I’m on one of my concerts, I take after Frida Kahlo, and for DJ Sets, I go for a more sexy and gutsy look.

Where would you like to perform live, in Milan?
At Teatro Parenti.

Where in Milan do you most like to be with your children?
At the Sempione park with my youngest son, Romeo, and in Brera with my oldest daughter.

Your hidden place in the city?
The churches.

If someone from Rome where to visit Milan for a day, where would you bring him?

The perfect spot for a romantic dinner with your husband? And what would you like to eat?
At the 28 Posti. It’s hard to explain, you’d just have to visit and relax, and the chef will blow you away.

The new single is called Islanda, Iceland… Why that country, precisely?
Because I compare our love to the beauty of that land.

Summer or winter?

Your “Best Of” is coming soon… Tell me about it.
It will feature a live recording of my concert on the 2nd of December at Brescia’s Teatro Grande, and shared with the Italian philharmonic directed by Bruno Santori. I’m celebrating twenty years of career!

Tell me the titles of the two songs that best represent you, and why.
Momenti and Islanda. The first one is by Sergio Endrigo, it is an unpublished work that gave me his daughter, I adore it. Islanda because it is my new single, and dedicated to my husband, Pierpaolo.

If you had to dedicate a song to Milan and one to Rome, which would you choose?
Com’è bella la città by Gaber to Milan, and Sempre by Gabriella Ferri to Rome.

Thanks again and good luck for all of your projects! Congratulations from the editorial staff of Flawless Milano!

Photo credit: Pier Nicola Bruno. Make-up & Hair: Fabio D’Onofrio.

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