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Tapas de Pescado

Much more than taste

At the end of June, a new place was opened in Porta Romana, with a minimalist, almost postindustrial look, with discrete contemporary art details, a place where you can still feel at home, thanks to the dishes offered by the restaurant, free tapas of fish, as the name of the place suggests, Tapas de Pescado.

Tapas de pescado - Milano

The owners, with more than 20 years into this world of restaurants, with places like Tapa, Ajoblanco and Llevataps, offer an experience that immediately involves you: young and kind staff, an inviting menu, fast service (respecting the right time), but above all, excellent tapas of very fresh fish. There are many typical Spanish tastes to share, and in different ways: carpaccio, tartare, mixed fried, sashimi but also prawns, skewers, slices of fish, salads and even “fish and chips”.

Tapas de pescado - Milano

If you don’t resist and want to try a little bit of all the portions, you’re allowed to it and without felling any kind of blame until being satisfied. Highly recommended mixed fried calamari, prawns and empanadas (panzerotti) stuffed with peppers and tuna. If you are in a diet, try the tuna tartare served with basil pesto or swordfish skewers pierced with a sprig of rosemary or, why not, order both. The best aspect of Tapas de Pescado is sharing the tastes in order to satisfy the different preferences and satisfy the needs of each guest in an informal and refined place at the same time.

Tapas de pescado - Milano

So many varieties of tapas, but it’s not only because the restaurant has a large list of cocktails and wines that is almost as varied and inviting as the dishes. This can be understood from the large and well-stocked bar that welcomes the customers at the entrance: the white wine sangria, light and sweet at its right point, but for those who want a more “aperitivo time” atmosphere, the bar offers 10 types of gin and tonic, in traditional or a mini format for the moderate ones. For those who prefer a more lively dinner, they can choose one of the “Signature cocktails”, strictly served at dinner and, moreover for those who consume tapas.

Tapas de pescado - Milano

The interior design details give a very urban air. The ceiling was left untidy and also the right wall of the main room where they left all the marks on the fresh paint with the word “love”, it’s not easy to identify, but it seems so simple to show how much love it takes to realize such a successful project.

Tapas de pescado - Milano

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