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Tasty but lactose-free options in Milan

Intolerances? No worries. Milan is also lactose-free.

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There was a time when food intolerance was an annoying limit. Today, fortunately, it has stopped being a limit, even if it has remained a nuisance. But we can deal with a nuisance, we can avoid it. And who wants to avoid that nuisance here in Milan, would find that there’s no shortage of choices, on the contrary, there’s almost too many.

The life of those who are lactose intolerant, in short, is no longer filled with tasteless products and boring salads but can be full of sweets, succulent gastronomic meals, typical products of many cuisines and regional traditions.

This is why we have decided to list five options that those who are lactose intolerant can find in Milan. With each of these +options, in fact, those who can’t even get around lactose will know they can freely order from the menu, no matter what, or at least have a service designed specifically for them here in town.

I Dolci Namura

Via Castelvetro, 16


Small, delicious organic patisserie, not far from Corso Sempione, I Dolci Namura has been supplying Milan with vegan desserts for about eight years. The philosophy of the store is simple: the best desserts are those made with the best ingredients and the best ingredients are always natural. Totally free of animal products or derived from animals, this shop is designed to harmonize every possible food need/intolerance with the taste of an up to par product, produced with all the care of an artisanal patisserie.


Via Spadari, 13


Near to the Duomo, in the same street of Peck and Ladurée, opened Ciacco, from the mind of Stefano Guizzetti, a food technologist that studied the composition of homemade ice cream and decided to create a “zero impact” ice cream shop, where any additive is banished and the tasting experience isn’t attenuated by any non-natural element. Ciacco ice cream is very light and has a totally genuine taste, fresh as the ingredients it’s made with. A large part of the menu, that of the sorbets, is completely devoid of any milk or other animal derivate and has the “Vegan OK” certification.

Be Bop

Viale Col di Lana, 4


This restaurant/pizzeria near Piazza XXIV Maggio has always wanted to be a place where everyone could eat together without the problem of food limitations. If many similar restaurants force those who are intolerant to choose from a more limited range of dishes, at Be Bop more than half the menu is a safe zone for vegans, celiacs and, in our case, lactose intolerants, who can pillage in peace the entire menu, from the appetizers section to desserts and pizzas, passing through first and second courses and side dishes.


Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 16


Two locations in the city (we have indicated the one in Porta Venezia) and a totally veg menu, from top to bottom, so you can feel completely safe: whatever you order, you won’t have to worry. The menu is well stocked, with the vegan versions of dishes such as the club sandwich and the classic burger along with the daily specials, which bear all the gastronomic touch sought even by non-vegans that decided to experiment. The freshest and, when possible, local products crown the proposal of this small kingdom of lightness and healthy food.

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