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The autumn latest new of Bistrò 96

Find out all the bistro news for the new season

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Bistrò 96 is a small bistro with a cozy, Parisian and retro atmosphere, always expansive to changes and innovations, which we are in love since its opening. The changing of its furnishing accessories, which can also be bought, make the interiors suitable for periodically changes that liven up this little French-inspired lounge in Corso Magenta, and turned into a place to be rediscovered with each new visit.

Le novità autunnali di Bistrò96 - Milano

The arrival of autumn brings with it an introduction of interesting news from Bistrò 96. To the nourished selection of gins, combined with tonic and a garnish. On the menu, is added the Gin Laugier, a dream that comes true. A home-made gin that borrows its name from Casa Laugier, the splendid early 20th-century Art Nouveau building that houses the bistro on the ground floor. The gin of Corso Magenta 96 has an intense citrus note that makes it perfect accompanied by a Mediterranean tonic and rosemary for a Gin Tonic or a special Negroni paired with Vermouth 1920.

Le novità autunnali di Bistrò96 - Milano

The news are also for the good wine lovers: with the tasting aperitivo you can try, together with a cutting board, two glasses among the proposals of sought after cellars, such as wines from the Oinoe winery or the organic wines of Morando Silvio, a small producer of Monferrato. And if you like the wine and decide to buy a bottle of the good ones, Bistrò 96 will be happy to offer you the wine tasting.

Le novità autunnali di Bistrò96 - Milano

At the aperitivo time, the cocktail or the glass is accompanied by an alzatina full of savory dishes and also wholesome, and if you are hungry, you can order a cold dish made of cuts, cheeses and jams in combination or canapes with anchovies from Cantabrico and butter.

Le novità autunnali di Bistrò96 - Milano

The most interesting new is the dinner’s introduction. Since October the bistro will remain opened until 10 pm, ready to delight you with proposals that vary daily like soups, salads, savory pies or with Jarit’s gourmet recipes, enclosed in a glass jar and made with excellent raw materials by expert chefs according to the Italian culinary tradition.

Le novità autunnali di Bistrò96 - Milano

Along with the latest news, the arrival of the coldest seasons brings with it the desire to return to the classic bistro appointments, like the typical afternoon tea time to warm up the Milan autumn days. And, as usual, to have with the selection of Italian Tea in Italy infusions from all over the world you will find delicious cakes, croissants, biscuits and honey madeleine.

Le novità autunnali di Bistrò96 - Milano

What are you waiting for to let yourself be involved by the cozy atmosphere of Bistrò 96 and to discover all the news that this little corner from Paris, here in Milanohas brought to you this autumn?


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