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The Best Beauty Centers in Milan

Beauty Alert! Here are our tips to find the harmony of body and mind

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It is the frenzy and the incessant rhythms of Milan that make it a stimulated city. Waking at dawn to accompany workers to the office, radiating productivity throughout the day and never sleeping so the night walkers can enjoy thousands of attractions that only she, an international and cosmopolitan city, can produce.

Tireless and attractive, being able to keep up with her is extremely challenging. This is why it is so important to carve out time to take of oneself. Not only for the momentary sensation of pleasure that comes with getting a massage or an exfoliation treatment, but for the feeling that accompanies us long after having left the treatment. In the days to follow, our rejuvenation instills good humor in us, allowing us to perform better in whatever activity we choose to dedicate ourselves to.

With that being said, here is our selection of the best beauty centers in Milan: wellness oases and regeneration temples, where stress and daily worries are strictly forbidden. It is a universally recognized truth, dedicating attention to your body will also be beneficial for your mind.

We excluded listing spas associated with the popular hotels, because we will discuss those in a separate article. Here, we focused on the most intimate Wellness centers, where we imagine the Milanes go when they are in need of regeneration, in absolute serenity, in a familiar and friendly environment.

Let yourself be enveloped by the atmosphere: sip an herbal tea, adapt your thoughts to the rhythm of the background notes while the smell is delighted by the fragrance that permeates the environment.

Making an appointment at your wellness center is a ritual, and as such requires adequate preparation.

It is no coincidence that right now we propose this ranking: summer has arrived and your skin needs proper attention. Go ahead and give the green light to receive scrubs and draining massages, to present yourself in the best way these holidays!


Via Luigi Pirandello, 4/A

I migliori centri estetici di Milano


Spazio IKOS is the answer to every question concerning beauty. Almost thirty years of experience and a location designed to guarantee well-being to customers, make this address in the Washington area a clean oasis of beauty. Hidden in an intimate courtyard, like a house: the owner, Barbara, reserves a warm and professional welcome to those who choose to rely on her hands! The treatments cover every need, and the results are tangible from the first session: from the remodeling, with the Slim Project program, to the Anti-Aging, with a multi-stage ritual that acts in depth, to epilation, to conclude with manicures and pedicures. Whether you are a pilates addict or you want to start practicing it, you are in the right place: you will find trained teachers, able to initiate the benefits of this discipline.


Via Aurelio Saffi, 25

I migliori centri estetici di Milano


André Malbert is an internationally renowned alchemist and visagist. Davide Diodovich entrusted himself to him to create a temple of beauty in his salon: because if aesthetic perfection exists, it passes through DD Beauty. Serums, creams and masks from the best laboratories, personalized treatments for the face and body, massages, manicures and pedicures: entrusting yourself with these means giving yourself moments of regeneration and well-being for the body and mind. If the evening promises to be special, which is not uncommon our city, book a make-up session and let them clean up your eyebrows. Set in a nineteenth-century building, DD Beauty welcomes customers in an immaculate environment, where black and gold details contrast with each other, making the atmosphere modern and design.


Piazza Michelangelo Buonarroti, 32

I migliori centri estetici di Milano

The environment is pop, colorful, cheerful and extremely girly: just like Cristina Fogazzi, aka the Beautician Cinica, her creator. In this riot of pink in the Buonarroti area, the assignment of the program takes place after careful diagnosis: the treatments are in fact highly personalized, and success is guaranteed. Cristina has made a successful brand out of its sincerity and transparency: these are the values ​​that are found in its center. Some of them are iconic, and receive positive feedback from anyone who tries them: like the slim me bandage, the shock wave, a real miracle for cellulite or hyperbaric oxygen, a cocktail of bio-revitalizing substances for the face. A prepared team with a single goal welcomes you, making you feel beautiful at any cost!


Via Giuseppe Mercalli, 7

I migliori centri estetici di Milano

After 64 years of activity, the world of beauty has made unimaginable progress. The San Celso Aesthetic Center is considered an authority thanks to the synergy between its highly qualified operators and medical specialists, and the most innovative techniques, combined with ancient medical-aesthetic-philosophical disciplines. With results beyond expectations, targeted treatments cover a wide range of requests: well-being, face and body aesthetics, massages, but also medical-curative treatments. For those who tend to succumb to stress, we recommend “learning to breathe”: a conscious use of breathing greatly improves the quality of life, but also the “Day SPA San Celso” program, to concentrate one’s regeneration in a single day.


Via Sebeto, 1

I migliori centri estetici di Milano

Walking around Santa Maria delle Grazie is a relaxing moment in itself: when the destination is The White Medispa, relaxation is guaranteed. Where aesthetic medicine, holistic beauty and well-being meet, rhythms slow down, and the regeneration experience begins. Facial treatments include Detox, Energize, Glow, designed for the different needs of our skin. For those in search of that extra something that generally characterizes people who have just returned from vacation, there are Bio-Revitalization and Peeling sessions. Massages (try Intuitive!), Pressotherapy and lymph drainage. Manicure and pedicure with essential oils will be the final touch of your immersion in wellness!


Via Friuli, 26/B

I migliori centri estetici di Milano


Choose the Studio Bianco who wants particular attention to the origin of the products, which are exclusively organic here. Their specialty is Ayurvedic and Phil treatments: they will not only take care of your appearance, but also of your psyche. Regeneration in its entirety involves them both. The love and care that can be perceived between these immaculate walls are declined in the treatments designed for each client. From sugaring, epilation with sugar paste, to highly customizable ayurvedic massages, to rituals for the body (particularly appreciated those remodeling), while VOYA Restorative Facial ensures lasting freshness to the face. Those who attend this center do so also for the empathy and professionalism of the team, which also includes an osteopath.


Corso Venezia, 8

I migliori centri estetici di Milano

The Corso Venezia Otto team claims that beauty is in every woman. Their goal is to extrapolate it and make it shine. A beauty salon where the imprint of the interior designer is perceptible at first glance: in this environment every detail is balanced and reconciling. They offer specific facial treatments for men and women: the purpose is to purify, hydrate and remove toxins, and those who live in Milan know how necessary it is to indulge in this pampering. The path for the body in several phases is very appreciated, starting from detoxification, passing through weight loss, to reach maintenance. More services designed for brides or mom-to-be who want to focus on themselves for a few hours. To get even brighter, treat yourself to a Business Manicure!


Viale Monte Nero, 8

I migliori centri estetici di Milano

At Montenero 8 they must be very aware of the fact that sight plays a fundamental role in producing well-being: the center has an extremely refined aesthetic, with an eye towards cutting-edge technologies, and the other to more relaxing colors. To combat blemishes, they propose radiofrequency, pressotherapy and microdermabrasion; those who want to eliminate the extra pounds, instead, can choose the lipolaser. On the occasion of summer, you know, you need to move ahead: this is why from Montenero 8 they studied different packages, and we recommend the Silhoutte 3 (saline bandages, lipolaser and pressotherapy, to combat blemishes effectively and totally). The Viola package is for those who feel the distant holidays, but want to present themselves at their best, even if in the office: they offer pedicures and manicures with semi-permanent products.


Via Victor Hugo, 4

I migliori centri estetici di Milano

In Milan, the most common habit is to arrive at appointments at the scheduled time, if not slightly late: because the metro was late, the parking lot was not found and the other thousand impediments that those who live in the capital know well. But from SDB it is proposed to customers to arrive 10 minutes earlier, to be able to relax in the dedicated areas, and enjoy the chosen rituals. It stands out for the wellness area with thalasso, to allow time surrounded by scents and aromas, radiofrequency, the magic touch to rejuvenate, zero fusion, to streamline effectively, skin control, a highly technological and specific system for each type of skin. It also has a solarium, and offers the Belle In One Day package to those who want a day full of beauty.


Viale Col di Lana, 1

I migliori centri estetici di Milano

The Milanese beauty addicts love it for the nail bar: but behind this concept store of beauty there is much more. A corner dedicated to food, the possibility of buying creams and cosmetics, including good music and magazines to browse. In addition to the highly appreciated manicures and pedicures, they offer services for the face: anti-age, illuminating and smoothing; to get the most out of wellness, we recommend combining an oriental massage. Are you a wine lover? If in addition to drinking it you also love to smell it, treat yourself to a face-body oil and wine treatment: wrapping yourself in the enveloping fragrances of these two elements, you will gain a velvety and compact skin. For epilation, choose Sugar Wax based on lemon, water and sugar or Brasilian, which uses the properties of avocado butter.

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