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The best flower bars in Milan

Imagine pointing to the bouquet of flowers you want with a fragrant glass of wine in the other hand... You can make this a reality and we'll show you where!

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“Bread and roses” is an expression gone down in history that points to the need for beauty in everyday life. Everyone deserves things that go beyond their basic needs, for the sole purpose of making life just a little more poetic. And this is exactly what flower bars are meant for.

They are flowery corners, where you can combine the pleasure of choosing a bouquet or a plant with breakfast or an aperitif. The concept is clear. You sit and order, surrounded by flowers, which you can buy or simply admire.

Surrounded by the scents and colors, the revitalizing effect is immediate. Your gaze gets lost in the nuances, while your sense of smell tries to recognize all the floral notes. Milan is truly beautiful for this. When we can’t take refuge in nature, we bring nature to bars.

Here, then, is our selection of places to experience the beneficial effect of flowers with a cappuccino or glass of wine in your hand.


Via Salasco, 17

I 5 flower bar migliori di Milano

A flower shop with a kitchen, a bistro overflowing with flowers. Any way you want to define it, Potafiori is a suspended corner between Paris and Porta Romana. It’s a new and beautiful way of being together. Here, every detail recalls another. The kitchen reflects the flowers, and the flora is reinterpreted in the gastronomic dishes. But the undisputed stars are the flowers.There are ornamental plants, roots and bulbs coexisting with strings, threads, ropes and wrought iron. The encounter between different worlds gives life to unique and immediately recognizable compositions. This is a creative laboratory that draws its lifeblood from the vitality of plants. Rosalba Piccinni’s experience will be sure to satisfy every request!

Fioraio Bianchi

Via Montebello, 7

I 5 flower bar migliori di Milano

Opened forty years ago at the behest of Raimondo Bianchi, historic owner, Fioraio Bianchi maintains the delicate French atmosphere impressed by its founder. It has the charm of unexpected places, from bistro to flower shop. It contains a world of a thousand aromas and flavors. In this green lounge, located in Brera, all the flowers you can admire are on sale. If your attention is drawn to the colors of an arrangement, take it home with you! They create floral works based on refinement, keeping intact the style and attention to detail that made Raimondo Biancho a Milanese institution. Here, time seems to have stopped, and it is the ideal place to buy a bouquet with timeless taste!

Mint Garden

Via Felice Casati, 12

I 5 flower bar migliori di Milano

Mint Garden is like an evergreen. Whether you choose it for coffee, lunch or an aperitif, it maintains the dreamy atmosphere and Parisian bistrot allure that distinguishes it from the rest. It starts with delicious pastry creations in the morning, with excellent cocktails for an aperitif. It is also perfect for a romantic dinner. The mise en place that they manage to create will make you think you heard the rustle of the Seine. The floral compositions that stand out on the tables and in every corner spread a symphony of perfumes in which it is legitimately plausible to get lost. Whether you’re buying an arrangement or having coffee on the fly in the outdoor terrace, Mint Garden manages to bring some poetry to the hectic Milanese days!


Via Fauchè, 35

I 5 flower bar migliori di Milano

It is the first Fioenoteca in Milan, and – behind an obscure term to most people – it hides a wonderful concept. What do the world of wine and flowers have in common? The answer is not so simple… They both can have a bouquet. The oenological one, that is the synergy of many aromatic molecules, but also the floral one, a creative flower composition. If the encounter between these two fascinating worlds intrigues you, Bibouq is the place for you. The tasting routes choose wines from the best wineries, with an eye to the ethics of production and territoriality. The proposed aperitif enhances the glass like finger food. Here is where a harmonious dialogue between flora and catering takes place.

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