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The Best Pastimes #WithoutLeaving the House

How to cope with everyday home life successfully

A slowed down and decidedly silent Milan stands outside our windows, where the first rays of the (almost) spring sun make the colors of a city momentarily at rest shine. We hear more clearly those sounds that in moments of urban frenzy disappeared between the horns and the incessant cars, marking our days between timid chirping and the Milanese rattling of the trams. Here is a city that invites its citizens to (re) discover themselves and their home, at a time of activities and small gestures that in everyday life are often taken for granted.

But your home is no different. Thanks to the powerful weapon of technology and hyper-connection, the home walls will become a theater of experimentation. Whether you are lovers of cooking, art or curious by nature, there will be opportunities to deepen passions and ambitions. And if the Milanese ritual par excellence of the aperitif seems essential, no problem! Thanks to the sophisticated network of video call services, toasting in the company of your friends, perhaps with a refreshing Campari Soda to sip with taste, will add a vibrant twist to your evenings.

And now, device in hand:  the best pastimes #WithoutLeaving the house are waiting for you, just a click away!


Milan is known as the queen of the aperitif. A must rite of the Milanese culture, where “drinking well” is celebrated in all its forms. But for a toast as tradition commands, how can you gather with the closest friends or loved ones “at a safe distance?” To connect hearts and souls, all you need is a device, a microphone, a screen, a refreshing Campari Soda  and a burst of energy.

The list of video call systems goes on and on: Whatsapp, FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, Google Meet, Zoom and HouseParty , which, in addition to simple “face-to-face,” also allow you to challenge your friends with competitions, quizzes and interactive games, in the name of strictly “social” fun. Technology shortens distances, but now that the days are getting longer and brighter, why not choose your own counter – or rather, a balcony  – for a  toast overlooking the streets of the city, wrapped in the notes of the most multifaceted songs that echo from the open windows. It makes for an aperitif to be enjoyed without rules, prejudices and time limits. Grab a glass with some ice cubes, an orange slice and all the energy of seltz and Campari, for a toast “without labels,” a symbol since 1932 of conviviality and light-heartedness. Cheers!


Take advantage of the time at home to calmly look at those photos that are hidden among the countless memories on your camera roll. Stop to look at all those carefree holidays between sea and mountains, round the world with friends of a lifetime, romantic escapes with your partner and special moments spent with family. To give a new life to the most precious shots, you’re just a click away. Ad hoc applications will allow you to print photos in different formats and modes. From the refined polaroid effect, to photo books, magnets, calendars and prints with varied dimensions, we suggest Lalalab and Cheerz , while for more complex gadgets such as cups, puzzles and cushions, head over to the Photobox website. It’s a 100% digital thought to give to loved ones or a decidedly original idea to revive the walls of your room.


Culinary art takes time: and what better occasion to focus on new dishes and recipes you’ve never tried? If the books stationed on the kitchen shelves do not inspire you to test out your Chef skills for a day, a week or more, a varied selection of online courses can come to your rescue. Kings and queens of the stove, fasten your aprons. The Instagram profile Milano Keeps on Cooking reveals the recipes – freshly prepared – of some of the most prestigious names on the gastronomic scene. The school of  Italian cuisine offers a selection of courses in digital format to cook delicious dishes, while  Club Academy involves expert pastry chefs and cooks in an academic project for all levels. Hands in the dough! And for the laziest or for those looking for a gourmet treat, some fine dining brands have made their menus available for an exclusive delivery, from the starred services of “Da Vittorio At Home” and “Daniel Canzian to your home,” to the Japanese cuisine crafted by Chef Wicky Priyan of Wicky’s Innovative Japanese Cuisine.


When the frenetic routine marks the rhythm of our days, we dedicate very little time to ourselves. Let’s dive into insights, meetings with professionals in the sectors that interest us most, step-by-step lessons on the fascinating digital world and why not, even discover meditation. Ninja Academy offers courses to those who want to improve their knowledge in marketing, while MasterClass offers a great variety of programs with exceptional teachers such as: Massimo Bottura, Marc Jacobs, Spike Lee, Carlos Santana, Stephen Curry and many others. TED Talks will accompany you to interesting meetings on multifaceted topics, from entertainment to science and with you have the opportunity to understand the basics of meditation, to fight stress and face every day with a smile.


If you are looking for an ephemeral escape in the world of art, let yourself be conquered by an unprecedented virtual journey, discovering genius, flair and beauty. The Triennale di Milano created “Decameron: streaming stories,” which are online meetings on Instagram with artists, designers, architects and stars in the world of creativity. In the same vein, the MAXXI in Rome has started a daily event entitled “Free to go out with your thoughts” in which the word is given to the arts and current affairs, with the museum curators and important guests. The Museo del Novecento  – on Facebook – accompanies us with a daily description of one of the masterpieces of their collection, while Fondazione Prada and Pirelli HangarBicocca involve the public – on Facebook – through their respective initiatives  #Innerviews and  #ArtToThePeople  to discover the museum projects from unpublished points of view. MAMbo, the Museum of Modern Art of Bologna, – on their Youtube channel – invite us to discover “2 Minutes of MAMbo,” with thematic videos dedicated to the different facets of the institution. Arte Fiera, on the other hand, has developed In Galleria, a virtual portal which every Tuesday will give space to art galleries and current exhibitions, correlated by an article and a selection of works. Google Arts & Culture serves as the reference compass towards boundless navigation in the multifaceted languages ​​of art.

Bombarded daily by information of all kinds, transmitted by an ever-increasing number of communication tools, we sometimes look for a simplification, a reliable source, a guide. Flawless Milano was born from this need, and tells the best experiences to have in Milan with style, precision and personality.

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