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The best sports shops in Milan

Our selection of addresses for those who want to combine style with adrenaline

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You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to play a sport. Sports activity relieves tension, allows you to stay in shape, and rejuvenates your body. Putting aside the statistics that illustrate with graphs and charts the benefits, we are sure that you will agree with us: the feeling you get after swimming for a few kilometers is priceless.

Sport allows our brain to release endorphins, analgesic substances with strong exciting power. It also has a social dimension, if practiced with friends, and particularly goliardic in that kind of sport, such as football, where the highly caloric dinner following the game will inevitably be offered to those who have had the worst on the field. Someone has met the soul mate in the gym, others still do team building sessions on climbing walls: sport is for everyone, just choose your favorite!

There are those who choose to spend their summer holidays in Zermatt or Les Deux Alpes in order not to renounce crossing the slopes with skis on their feet, those who ride even when the temperatures are polar, risk finding the road blocked by a penguin: sports are addictive and in recent years the Milanese have become increasingly addicted as well.

Whether you have practiced a discipline forever, or if you have entered this world recently, you will know that equipment is essential. Sports shops certainly are not lacking in Milan: we intend to show you the best, combining practicality and style, cutting-edge technologies and comfort. Because we are still in the fashion capital your sportswear will certainly have to be functional, but the eye still has an influence.

Accompanying the beautiful days, dust off your bicycle (and don’t forget to wear a helmet!), Check the stringing of your tennis racket and go out to burn some energy! But first, don’t forget to visit these 10 addresses!


One-Off Store
Via Melzo, 36

I migliori negozi sportivi di Milano

There is more and more hype around the urban biking world, and offices are gradually filling up with Brompton bikes. It’s not a secret, Milan is becoming greener thanks to those who choose to ride it by pedaling: it’s good, makes people happy and helps the planet. To accessorize and make the journey even smarter, the address is One-Off Store: a selection of brands based on innovation and functionality, with great attention to aesthetics. When you think of an essential item for your travels, the advice is to lengthen the way to via Melzo: Brooks England backpacks and messengers, Douchebags, 24Bottles water bottles and much more await you. Another piece of advice we want to give you is this: be safe, use a helmet (One-Off Store proposes POC and Carrera, light and design).

Brompton Junction
Via Melzo, 36

I migliori negozi sportivi di Milano

Flagship Store of the bike brand most loved by the Milanese, where to find the two most iconic wheels, those that have changed the world of biking in the capital. It may be because they are foldable, and become little bigger than a cabin bag, because they have a dynamic and captivating design, because you hardly notice all the kilometers traveled: in Milan it is Brompton mania, and it has been for a while. In via Melzo you will find specialized assistance, the possibility to rent a bicycle, a workshop supplied with the main spare parts, and endless possibilities for customization. Just like when you buy a car, at Brompton you can take a test drive: the best way to realize the potential of these bicycles on the road!


CalcioShop Milano
Viale Andrea Doria, 17

I migliori negozi sportivi di Milano

Stadium fans or very faithful soccer players on Wednesdays: whatever your relationship with soccer, this is the address for you. Exclusive products, often in a national preview, to which are added endless possibilities of customization, and the certainty of being guided in the purchase: the CalcioShop team is made up of players! Sets for matches, technical underwear, bibs and shoes with studs, as well as the uniforms of the most famous teams, and the indispensable medical equipment to have in the field: CalcioShop is a reference point for lovers of the most loved and practiced sports by the Italians . Among the brands you will find: Nike Sportswear, Errea, Umbro and Kappa.

Football Team
Piazza Del Duomo, 20

I migliori negozi sportivi di Milano

If soccer faith is a religion, this is its sanctuary. A well-stocked shop of uniforms and merchandising (slippers, cups and cushions, for example) from Italian and non-Italian teams, Adidas and Nike balls, soccer related manuals, accessories for goalkeepers and – synthetically – everything a soccer lover could want, condensed in a single store. For those who leave nothing to chance when taking the field, or when they go to San Siro to cheer, or even for those who have to make a gift that is truly appreciated by grandchildren and cousins. You can also customize the jerseys with the official graphics, or buy the stadium kit, which is essential for the fiercest fans!


Piazza P. Ferrari, 6

I migliori negozi sportivi di Milano

They say that the dance begins where the word ends: it is a form of artistic expression, and the hovering of the dancers on the tips of their toes has inspired writers, painters and poets. Pointe shoes, in Milan, can be bought from Porselli: an elegant shop in shades of pink, at the sight of which the girls who recently started taking lessons go crazy, and where the mothers can’t wait to accompany them. A shop born in the 1930s, where you can lose yourself in tutu tulle, buy costumini and coprichignon: it is proposed as a reference point for dancers of today and tomorrow, thanks to the experience that accompanies it, and that is perceived in every detail.

Via Beroldo, 4

I migliori negozi sportivi di Milano

Many girls have decided they want to dance after falling in love with ballerina tutus, fantasizing about arabesques and plie. Once the lessons begin, the performance is the most awaited moment. The most beautiful costumes, almost authentic works of art, destined to be jealously guarded (probably with a card bearing the date and the show), are bought from Tersicore: born in 1952 at the behest of Giuseppe Rota, first dancer of the theater at the Scala. The costumes are the product of a craftsmanship in respect of traditions, with the use of very precious fabrics. Also available shoes, bodysuits and everything that a ballerina’s bag can’t go without.


Mister Golf
Piazza Cinque Giornate, 3

I migliori negozi sportivi di Milano

It has the reputation of being a sport for snobs, but the truth is quite different: the eighteen holes of a race allow you to get to know your opponents in an otherwise impossible way, and offer the opportunity to be in contact with nature and with themselves. What is true, in any case, is that this sport requires meticulous care of its equipment, from clothing to accessories: from Mister Golf, born in 1984 at the behest of Giorgio Livi, golfers’ dreams come true, thanks to the highly selected presence of the best brands to approach the green with style, and the multiple possibilities of customization! Among the brands present: Callaway, Galvin Green, Odyssey, Wilson Staff.

Mulligan Golf Point
Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini, 20

I migliori negozi sportivi di Milano

400 square meters of space within walking distance of the Milanese Chinatown, where every golf lover would like to stay for days, divided into different areas: one for exhibition and sale, another for testing the equipment with two computerized stations, and another corner dedicated to repairs, with a laboratory designed to respond to every request. Balls, trolleys, irons, woods, bags, distance detectors and clothing, not forgetting the junior sector: everything comes from the best golf brands, of which Mulligan is a retailer. Also available is a good selection of second hand. Tiger Woods approved!


Via Mecenate, 32

I migliori negozi sportivi di Milano

Swimming creates mixed feelings in people who choose to practice it: there are those who believe it is a highly relaxing activity, and those who consider it monotonous. If you belong to the second category, remove boredom with a swimsuit! After all, who said that swimsuits have to be solid blue? Boneswimmer is the alternative to monotony, because in this shop you can buy unique swimsuits. Choose the model, there are different for men, women and children, and give free rein to your imagination: you can choose a fantasy that reflects your style, or bring a photo with you and have it done on the swimsuit!

Speedo House
Viale Tunisia, 35

I migliori negozi sportivi di Milano

The Speedo flagship store, an authority in the field of swimming and water sports, is located inside the Cozzi pool. Whatever the objective, Speedo costumes help to achieve it: they combine resistant materials and eye-catching graphics, making them one of the undisputed leaders in professional swimwear. Those who choose Speedo do so for the tradition that accompanies this brand, whose products are created to last a long time, thanks to Endurance technology. And the women who choose them know they can count on Sculpture innovations to support and shape the figure. Wide choice also for the very young, and for baby swimmers who face first contact with water.

Bombarded daily by information of all kinds, transmitted by an ever-increasing number of communication tools, we sometimes look for a simplification, a reliable source, a guide. Flawless Milano was born from this need, and tells the best experiences to have in Milan with style, precision and personality.

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