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The best themed cocktail bars in Milan

Treat yourself to an abstract escape from the city while sipping a good drink

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The “Milan to drink” is so much more of a simple commonplace. Milan is, in fact, a city full of excellent cocktail bars that can surprise even the most experienced consumers. But Milan is also a modern and cosmopolitan city that breathes and lives every day on art and culture, but above all it is the ideal destination for those who are not satisfied with the ordinary.

A city that knows how to offer getaways and escapes from the routine, urban landscapes and bustle. With it, even the cocktail bars have realized how to offer temporary journeys in time and space, to forget, at least for a couple of hours, to be in the Lombard capital. Do you want to immerse yourself in unusual atmospheres while sipping a good cocktail? Here is the ranking of the best themed cocktail bars in Milan.


Via Mario Fusetti, 1

Iter - Milano

The perfect address for all globetrotters and those who want to escape for a few hours from Milan. At Iter, as the name of the place suggests, we travel. A real gate, whimsical and welcoming, which will lead you to the discovery of the culture of international destinations but reinterpreted in our local key. The Iter team periodically starts and brings to Milan what they have seen and tasted, devising drinks and ad hoc culinary proposals. Currently it is the turn of the atmospheres and the flavors of Holland. Are you curious to discover the next destination?

Casa Mia- Cocktail Bar & Bistrot

Viale Regina Giovanna, 22

I migliori cocktail bar a tema di Milano - Casa Mia

Do you know those evenings when you want to go out and at the same time you would like to stay nicely at home in your comfort zone? If this is your mood tonight, then the ideal solution is Casa Mia – Cocktail Bar & Bistrot. The choice of the name of the place could not be more suitable.  A real living room in the heart of Porta Venezia, a good friend, lover and connoisseur of good drinking’s home. In fact, among the shelves of the bar, among memorabilia and small frames, are gathered over two hundred valuable labels available to taste, one above all, the rare collection of Whiskey, ready to amaze you in the proposals of the drink list that changes every six months. Behind the counter, as in any respectable house, there could only be a stand-up woman: we talk about Luana Bosello, winner of the third edition of the Campari Barman of the Year 2016 competition.

Lacerba – Quisibeve

Via Orti, 4

I migliori cocktail bar a tema di Milano - Lacerba Quisibeve

Lacerba was the name of the Futurist literary periodical founded in January 1913. The local is inspired by the values and aesthetics of the artistic avant-garde of the early twentieth century. The futuristic spirit is recalled in the prints and posters on the walls, in the bizarre objects that populate the bar like umbrellas and bikes that “fall from the ceiling”, and in the work of Depero that stands behind the counter, as a backdrop to the large number of bottles ready for excellent cocktails. Marinetti approved.

Nottingham Forest

Viale Piave, 1

I migliori cocktail bar a tema di Milano - Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest cocktail bar is fusion destinations, a place that mix design and oriental, African and exotic references in their design choices. A small cocktail bar full of objects, memories and travel souvenirs: buddha, masks, Tiki statuettes and a counter that arrives directly from New York. Nottingham has pioneered the trend of molecular cocktails and, award-winning, is included among the best bars in the world. The presentations of the drinks, whimsical and scenic, will win you over: shells, skulls, small bathtubs…

The Doping Club

Piazza XXIV Maggio, 8

I migliori cocktail bar a tema di Milano - The Doping Club

The cocktail bar reproduces the atmosphere of exclusive clubs for true gentlemen, frequented by dandy of yesteryear: leather sofas, vintage objects and furniture, old photographs and jazz music background. The Yard Hotel, a boutique hotel with sports-themed suites, shields in the inside  the stylish cocktail bar with retro-inspired drinks. Modern and vintage mix themselves in the pharmacy in which “dope” with the proposals of expert mixologist.


Via Giovenale, 7     

I migliori cocktail bar a tema di Milano - Officina

Riders, engines enthusiasts and nostalgic of bygone days, Officina is the perfect cocktail bar for you. Motorcycles and vintage cars, details and relics of old engines, road signs, many paintings and sofas and retro furniture. A workshop with outdoor tables, which creatively recovers former industrial spaces, inside a courtyard between the”case di ringhiera” in Via Giovenale, for a journey through time (on a motorbike or on board a sparkling vintage car) that lasts the time for a good cocktail.                                                                                            

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