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The emotional shopping at 50 ml

Inside the 50 ml parfum are hidden stories and memories to be discovered

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Elves wandering at night for the Breton campaigns always ready to celebrate by the sound of cognac and whiskey. A ride on a sled pulled by a wolf-dog on the snow that covers dense woods in Alaska. The crystal water and the white sand of Bora Bora. Maybe you should be thinking about ancient French legends, Disney fairy tales or stories of relaxing holidays in Polynesia. You will be surprised to discover, instead, that there are stories and suggestions hidden behind the artistic perfumes, besides niche cosmetics exposed with a millimeter rigor on the powder pink shelves of 50 ml.

Lo shopping emozionale da 50ml - Milano

There is nothing more subjective than the choice of a beauty habit to give as gifts. Behind the daily gesture of spraying the favorite scent, before going out and applying the cream suitable for our skin type, there are hidden rituals, memories and personal emotions. 50 ml knows how much each product must be explained by evoking feelings, telling stories and anecdotes that make us exclaim “It’s exactly what I was looking for!”.

Lo shopping emozionale da 50ml - Milano

The 50ml philosophy is making accessible all the little secrets of perfumery and niche cosmetics. By this way, curious, demanding and expert noses go in search of the exclusive news, design lovers looking for products with a minimal and elegant packaging to exhibit or give on a special occasion. Each customer who gets in brings with them their own needs and their history, which comes out with as many new stories on which we can fantasize.

Lo shopping emozionale da 50ml - Milano

By this way, 50 ml transforms the choice of a new fragrance, a face cream or a hair product into a playful experience which adds to the purchase a strong emotional component, different for each customer who crosses the threshold of this perfumery. They know immediately if the customer is looking for professional or sensory cosmetics. In the first case, they will make you choose between the “Made in Italy” excellence, di Bakel, or the latest Dermalogica, the world’s number one star and stripe brand. For customers looking for a cuddle they will show the tidy shelf of Aesop Australian products, famous for their textures, perfumes and packaging or, directly from Caribbean, the tropical products of St. Barth.

Lo shopping emozionale da 50ml - Milano

Before looking at the delicious wall dedicated to the perfumes, the eye is attracted by the hair-care products of Ouai and Hanz de Fuko and the small make-up section that boasts brands such as The Browgal and Smith and Cult. However, regarding to the perfumes, a paradise for the lovers but also for the less experienced person looking for something unusual and different from the ordinary, that best expresses your personality. Alongside, the giants Byredo, Dyptique and Creed also prestigious Italian brands such as Laboratorio Olfattivo and Carthusia.

Lo shopping emozionale da 50ml - Milano

If after the narcissistic purchases you were looking for some idea to give a gift, they will advise you about the accessible products and a refined packaging as a cream of prickly pear Tuttotondo, Italian brand of toiletries, or a floral candle of Fragonard. After all, you can’t take a risk buying Christmas gifts …

Lo shopping emozionale da 50ml - Milano

The meticulous attention to aesthetic and emotional details that permeates 50 ml, makes all the people fall in love. You will leave the boutique with fragrant purchases and childhood memories of the times of the Big Bubble, fascinated by the stories on red crosses expressed through the notes of damask rose, pink pepper and raspberries.


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