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The summer drink list of Mag Cafè

A journey among the zodiac constellations that will make you see the stars

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Summer is fun, carefreeness and happiness. It is a charge of electricity in the air that makes the ordinary beautiful, it is a shiver at the thought of the evenings at the seaside, under the stars, watching the sky with that optimism that makes everything seem possible, that brings dreams closer and that recharge the batteries for the whole year. Summer is the laughters with friends at the bar, it is the wait for the holidays in this burning city that every day, however, are getting closer and closer. Summer is a good drink, the one that after work takes the heat away and the thoughts off with a sip: it is the first of the evening, the first of a long series. Summer itself is a reason to celebrate. So here we are at the Mag Cafè, to toast as we like, remembering all the summers that we have seen here over the years.

MAG Cafè - Milano

The new 2018 summer drink list fully captures our desire to escape with every inch of skin from reality and make us dream, to make us feel that thrill that only in summer shakes us like that. If you too are lovers of the zodiac signs, then the fun has just begun: “Among the constellations we found recipes that reflect features and affinities of each sign, sure that each of you can find the cocktail that will bring you among the stars”. Ready? If it’s past 6pm and you still have doubts about where to go, come and explore with us the twelve cocktails that are added to the signature seven of the house. The game has just begun.

MAG Cafè - Milano

Mag, we know, likes to amaze us constantly: nothing is left to chance and the details always make the difference. So every drink comes accompanied by a zodiac card along with a gift that tears that automatic smile when happens something that we didn’t expect. There is someone who gets a personalized scratch card (and guess what? It seems that there are also cards to enter to the 1930), someone who gets a lighter of the Mag, and someone who gets a semi-permanent tattoo … No, we do not know all the prizes because we haven’t finished the drink list yet, but we are close.

MAG Cafè - Milano

The menu looks like a small pocket-sized booklet: on the back there is the last verse of Dante’s Inferno “And so we went out to see the stars again”. At this point you just have to open it.

MAG Cafè - Milano

Even if I am not “Born under the sign of Pisces”, as a good countrywoman, I drink to dear Venditti and I let myself be tempted by what seems a great start of the evening: Great King Artist Whiskey, Italicus Bergamotto, Lavender, Cocoa and vanilla cream, walnut , lemon and grapefruit. A soft sour taste with a fruity flavor of Blended Scotch Whiskey and the freshness of Italicus. Chapeau. Needless to say, I proceed quickly (as a good freak of control) to the page of my sign: “The Virgin and the Count”. Taste: Bitter. I read the description in which I hope every time to mirror myself, and so it happens. In the meantime I order the cocktail – Bitter of the Professor, Vermouth of the Professor, Authentic Crocodile Gin and beer distillate – and obligate all those around me to hear the descriptions of their signs asking them insistently whether they identify themselves or not.

MAG Cafè - Milano

At this point they take the menu away and, taking inspiration from one of the bar sayings, they tell me “Drink and let live.” So I drink. And the stars, I assure you, start to be much closer.


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