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The total pink places in Milan

The perfect places to live "la vie en rose" in Milan

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In the last year, Milan has been hit by a new epidemic: the pink. Numerous venues – including cafes, shops and restaurants – have chosen the feminine color par excellence as the ideal setting for their clients. What is the result? A success.

Here is the ranking that will make the Instagramers happy, the pink addicted and, most likely, a good chunk of female expositors from 0 to 99 years. “As long as it is pink”: it doesn’t matter which Pantone has been chosen among shades of fuchsia, powder and bubble gum. Voilà, so here there are the pink places of Milan that you can’t miss.

50 ML

Viale Monte Nero, 16


The pastel pink of the shelves is the perfect setting for products and cosmetics of 50 ml, a temple dedicated to beauty in the Porta Romana area. Artistic perfumery, hair and face care, and also home fragrances that will captivate your smell sense, sight and heart. The products of the carefully selected brands, in fact, boast an undeniable quality, besides a packaging to be exhibited and hidden stories that deserve to be told. Come in for a rose scent and who knows which anecdotes and sensations you will leave the boutique with. But don’t be fooled by the color, the 50 ml soul is all masculine, as the staff who work there.


Viale Gorizia, 8


A small place that introduces us to the spicy world of the Korean street food, few steps from the Darsena and the Navigli. Very few tables, some stools at the counter and a little place for a break to horizons distant from the Italian flavors. In menu, there are only recipes typical of street food k-like the Korean fried chicken to combine with Korean beer, bibimbap and kimbab. Tips for instagramers: the bathroom is less pink, but equally photographable.


Piazza del Duomo, 31


On the top floor of the Miss Sixty flagship store, there is café with great views of Duomo. The pink, an undisputed protagonist of the furnishings and the menu, runs the space with hints of pastel colors, golden details and the scenic wallpaper with banana leaves. The culinary offerings of the “Dal Bolognese” restaurant range from cappuccinos and cakes for breakfast to the aperitivo cocktails and lunch breaks such as salads, carpaccio and tartare.


Via Circo, 1

10 indirizzi total pink a Milano

It has opened its doors in September, in the Vie 5 area, the concept store will soon enter in the list of the favorite niche shopping places in Milan. Stairs and antique pink display show original international brands: the beaded bags of Shrimps, the thin and refined LIL jewels, the dresses designed by the Anglo-Japanese Influencer Alexa Chung and the Gossip Girl circles by Bluetiful Milano.


Via Guglielmo Marconi, 4


Temakinho doesn’t need any introduction to the city, but did you know that downstairs, the hall of the place that is two steps from Duomo is a real mecca for the pink addicts? The blue and green that invade the entrance, and in fact, go down the stairs, giving a way to a mix of tropical inspiration and romanticism perfect to enjoy the Japanese-Brazilian menu samba.


Via San Siro, 2


The subtle interiors of the American bakery recall the old Barbie houses. A riot of stripes, polka dots and flamingos in which tasting the typical sweet and savory delights of the culinary tradition of the USA. The counter is a rainbow of colored cookies, cakes and cupcakes, while Sunday is dedicated to the brunch with pancakes, hamburgers, bagels and eggs prepared in all its possible variations.


Via San Nicolao, 2


If you are a beauty addict looking for the latest trends in beauty, MiiN is the address for you. It’s the first store in Italy entirely dedicated to Korean skin care. The brands made in Korea, in fact, are known all over the world for the avant-garde in the field of skin care. In the pink interiors you will find the best Asian cosmetics: soaps, creams, serums, makeups and the super-fashionable fabric masks.


Viale Piave, 33


Among the 5 places signed by Macha in the city, Porta Venezia is certainly the pinkest. You can opt for a sushi bowl or an avocado toast but here (almost) everything is based on matcha, a Japanese green tea with beneficial properties, including cheesecake, tiramisu, pancakes and cappuccinos, as the name of the coffee suggests. On the other hand, the green matches perfectly with the pastel pink of the wall and the floral tapestry.