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Unico Milano

A Unique experience, a contemporary style celebration of Italian tradition

My parents are not exactly the “brunch type”. Or at least, the idea of ​​giving up the traditional cappuccino for burgers and American coffee scares them a little bit. But I didn’t give up: I convinced them to try the Sunday brunch at Unico Milano.

Careful, I am not speaking about some brunch. I’m referring, as I said, to Unico Milano. After getting to the twentieth floor of the WJC Tower and having tasted the creations of Fabrizio Ferrari on the city roof, you’ll see why the restaurant is called Unico (unique): simply there are no other places like this one in Milan.

Unico Milano

Yes, to convert my parents to the contemporary philosophy of brunch, I decided to go big and enchant them with the combination of excellent cuisine and unforgettable view. To meet the needs of my two guests, I chose a brunch that its creator likes to define “Sunday lunch”, with the intention of celebrating the attachment to Italian tradition: in the definition chosen by Lo Basso you can see the intention to harmonise contemporary trends inspired by Anglo-American culture with the most ancient uses of our country, creating a synthesis of atmospheres, colours and flavours that will be hard to forget.


Reaching the twentieth floor of the WJC Tower, one feels thrown into a universe unto itself: being immediately wrapped and bewitched by the aromas coming from the kitchen while the eye gets lost in the beauty of the rooms and the lovely view beyond the windows. At the centre of the room a beautiful and rich buffet is set up with care and precision. So beautiful that taking food from it almost looks like a sin. But once you decide to try, you will never go back: a variety of vegetables and cold cuts, cous cous, fragrant fresh bread, delicious quiche, carpaccio, sashimi and tartare… it’s hard to resist the temptation to keep eating, but it’s better not to exaggerate in order to fully enjoy the next courses.

The buffet appetiser is followed by first and second course. The choice is between two firsts and two seconds courses, served directly in the kitchen. I think I fell in love with Unico right in that moment: to witness the care with which the dishes are made for me was like seeing a work of art take shape. In Unico’s kitchen you face the beauty, the perfect harmony of shapes and colours that only true artists can create. And in the eyes of my demanding guests I saw the same surprise. After that follows the fruit and cakes buffet  – always prepared in the kitchen – full of proposals able to satisfy every palate. When coffee time arrives, the only desire is to stop time and never leave the place.

Who says that Milan is hectic and stressful, maybe should try to see it from above” was my father’s comment while we were leaving the restaurant. What can I say? Maybe I did not convert my parents to the classic American style brunch, but I took them through a Unique experience, a contemporary style celebration of Italian tradition, which they will never forget. As for me, I’m already thinking about when to return for dinner.

Photo credits: Carlo Fico

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