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Unknown Places – La Triennale

A journey through the least known and photographed places of the planet

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If you love adventures and can’t wait to have some spare time to organize your next trip on the other side of the world, looking for unexplored places, this weekend in Milan is going to take place the perfect exhibition for you. At La Triennale di Milano on Saturday 10th, from 1:30 to 8:30 pm, and Sunday 11th of November, from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm, “Unknown Places” is going to make you travel around the least known and photographed places of the world.

Have you ever wondered whether some places in this planet have yet to be discovered (and photographed)? Not just a different perspective of a picture but rather a unique photo, never taken before. We are used to see picture of the Taj Mahal, the Tour Eiffel, and the most important monuments and landscapes of the globe in all possible colors, thousands of combinations created by Instagram filters. But how many are the virgin places from this point of view? Have you ever been the first to discover a place?

The exhibition taking place at the “Salone d’Onore” of La Triennale di Milano is indeed about those questions: a premiere that tells through 10 shots of unknown places what it means to still be amazed in front of an image.

Magnetic places, able to immediately transport the visitors in the most remote corners of the world, where the only connection is with themselves and with the surrounding environment. So the authors, as explorers of the new millennium, want to tell you with a series of shots the wonder of uncontaminated landscapes, where nature, indulging, has created surreal scenarios; but also places where the human hand has shaped the elements to survive and coexist where it seemed impossible.

An idea summarized to perfection by the words of one of the photographers explaining how the idea of ​​this exhibition was born: “Each picture embodies the attitude to travel and to discover the unknown and the amazement we feel while understanding how much our planet can be wonderful. It’s always been here, but are we sure to know it well?”

If the essence of a journey is in the eyes of those who live it, then the essence of a photo is in the eyes of the people who see it: visitors will be dragged to question the infinite possibilities offered by our planet, and above all, the stories behind those images.

If you are passionate about travel, photography or just curious by nature, this unmissable event will leave you with the desire to do something new. So, while you wonder, going out on viale Alemagna on a late day of autumn, what may be your unexplored place in this world, start looking on Instagram to the hashtags #UnknownPlaces and #SayYesToTheWorld, it will make your search much easier.


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