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How to Spend Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

Show yourself some love

It’s February 14. It’s Valentine’s Day. You’re single.

But that’s ok. Want to know why? We’ll let you in on a little secret.

Valentine’s Day sucks. Even for those people in relationships. Maybe even more for those people in relationships.

Nothing could be less romantic than being forced to find a babysitter, pick out flowers, write a love letter, book a restaurant, buy a gift, cover the bed with rose petals, run a bubble bath, and still have the energy to pull an off all-night shag-a-thon, just because Hallmark somehow convinced everyone else to do it.

So consider yourself lucky. The only person you have to show love to this Valentine’s Day is you!

Here are our suggestions for how spend Valentine’s Day solo:


Just because you don’t have to spend all your hard earned cash on overpriced roses or stuffed teddy bears, doesn’t mean you have to be sensible.

Been lusting after something? New shoes? A new bag? Cashmere sweater? Then treat yo self.


Rather than having to sit through your partner’s admirable, but woefully misguided attempt at a Swedish massage, as a single person, you can leave this delicate task to the professionals.

Book yourself into one of Milan’s most luxurious day spas to pass the day away in absolute selfish bliss.


You didn’t think you were the only single person out there this Valentine’s Day, did you? Skip the romantic restaurants with their overpriced Valentine’s Day menus, and hit up one of Milan’s many awesome cocktail bars.


Don’t let anyone convince you that staying at home on the couch is a form of self-loathing. Put on some Netflix, build a pillow fort, and Deliveroo something sweet to your very door. The best part? You don’t have to share any of your pistachio and double fudge chocolate gelato with anybody!

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