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Located in the energetic San Salvario district, long ago one of the crossroads of the Turin nightlife, the DDR has no signs that attract customers. From the outside, however, through its large windows it is noted for an unusual environment that intrigues passers-by and invites them to enter. Scuffed walls, soft lighting and vintage furnishings skilfully mixed with more contemporary objects create a relaxed and conversational atmosphere further softened by the sound of a large ocean drum suspended on the ceiling that regularly shakes your drinks.

DDR - Torino

Speaking of drinks, the DDR has its own say: from the mind and hands of the roman barlady Asia Stilo born original cocktails that, looking for that balanced mix between vintage and contemporary, make it the stylistic signature of the place. The Turin Mule, a blend that encompasses the two torinese liqueurs par excellence – vermouth and bitter San Simone – to a more intense Milky Kisses with ginger syrup and chamomile liqueur, every drink is never taken for granted and is placed in a menu of design fully illustrated with photos of the Berlin Wall.

As for the food instead, in addition to the abundant and tasty buffet that accompanies the aperitifs, the DDR has recently hosted the Santi Pizza Fritta. From the true passion of the Campanian, Fabio Barile was born an excellent product that goes perfectly with the cocktails created ad hoc by Asia.

DDR - Torino

In this sense, the restaurant is part of that increasingly dense world of food pairing, which is the art of combining food and drink to perfection. So the fried pizza friarielli and smoked scamorza is served with a cocktail based on tequila and beer, tomato and buffalo mozzarella, combined with a sparkling drink with basil.

Oh I almost forgot: the DDR has chosen not to remain open to the bitter end during the weekend and when they tell you to get up (which they always do with kindness, be clear) you should do it. I only say that Andrea Scarpa, the other barman, is a former world boxing champion, if I were you I would listen to him.

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences turin has to offer.

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