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  • Shiki – Japanese Taste
    Via Privata Nino Bonnet 11/A, Milano

    Forget all the Japanese restaurants that you are used to visiting in Milan. Shiki – Japanese Taste is unlike the rest. This place manages to bring an authentic Japanese experience to the city,...

  • Bottega del Ramen
    Via Vigevano 20, Milano

    A new restaurant named Bottega del Ramen opened in via Vigevano, near the Navigli. It is a cozy place with red brick walls and a mezzanine that gives it space for...

  • Basara Milano – Corso Italia
    Corso Italia 6, Milano

    A “sushi pastry shop”, that’s how Basara Milano defines its restaurants. The brand has now become one of the most well known and popular in Milan’s sushi scene, thanks...

  • Nu – Pure Asian Cuisine
    Via Feltre 70, Milano

    Four girlfriends and a birthday to celebrate. We usually are the “downtown” girls: when we go out, we like to do it in the Milan-to- drink’s heart. Well, precisely,...

  • Basara Milano – Via Tortona
    Via Tortona 12, Milano

    I’m going to talk enthusiastically about real life with you. We invest a lot of our time in writing. To not genuinely believe in what we write would mean investing our...

  • Yoshi – Ristorante Giapponese Autentico
    Via Giuseppe Parini 7, Milano.

    Between the grey concrete of a small road and the flashing red LED lights coming from the new skyscrapers’ top, an all white hidden gem that you wouldn’t expect...

  • Zazà Ramen
    Via Solferino 48, Milano

    Put a Dutch cook and the inspector Zenigata. In Via Solferino, in the heart of bohemian Milan. A combination of elements that on the surface seem to be polar opposites...

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