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10 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Whether a simple thought or an unforgettable experience: never give up courting those you love

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and you still haven’t found the right thing to amaze your better half with. Do not worry. After all, choosing a gift can be very difficult! You enter a minefield of possibilities and get taken over by the fear of making a mistake. However, there’s no need to get anxious about a day that is meant to make you feel even closer to your loved one.

The right gift can really make that special day even more magical. Here is list of ideas and suggestions that will help you make your purchase successfully. Time is running out and we are prepping you with the best advice! No more excuses now…


Via Carlo de Cristoforis, 5

10 idee regalo per San Valentino

For a gourmand Valentine’s Day, the selection at this historic Milanese boutique-chocolat will captivate you. An intoxicating aroma of chocolate will lead you to the perfect present for your better half, thanks to a special selection dedicated to the most romantic day of the year. You’ll be won over by cute bears with chocolate tummies holding hands, YOU AND ME couple’s chocolate bars, which form the shape of a heart, or LOVE chocolate bars, which combine the intensity of dark chocolate with the sweet taste of small pink heart candy. Zàini has a combination of craftsmanship and passion which makes for an irresistible declaration of love.


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10 idee regalo per San Valentino

This is a gift for true gentlemen, which combines the Neapolitan tradition with the elegance of the Milanese city. At Camiceria Piccolo, nothing is left to chance. It’s a bright location, where fine fabrics are displayed like in an authentic atelier. They are all ready to be selected and transformed into a tailored shirt, according to the traditional handwork. It is a symbol of excellence and quality. Each garment is a truly “unique piece.” From the design, to the cut, from the stitching to the final embroidery, the entire packaging is a sartorial work. It all makes for a special surprise of charm and craftsmanship.


Largo La Foppa, 4

10 idee regalo per San Valentino

In the heart of Moscova, you’ll find this white lounge dedicated to the most popular skin care in the city. It represents a magical moment of relaxation you can give to your sweetheart. Away from the frenzy of Milan, here you can receive a regenerating session dedicated to your skin. Choose the most suitable treatment for your needs and timing and let yourself be pampered by the expert hands of the highly trained staff.


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10 idee regalo per San Valentino

For a very special cadeau, rely on the creations of Atelier VM. This is a pretty jewel atelier that bears the names of Viola Naj-Oleari and Marta Caffarelli. Here is a treasure trove in blush pink shades, where precious stones, gold and metal intertwine to create jewelry with the most unique designs. From the Essential line you can get a delicate gold bracelet made to fit your partner’s wrist perfectly, as a symbol of your infinite love story.


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10 idee regalo per San Valentino

This is Giulio Guazzoni and Andrea Daneri’s floral workshop, where research, creative flair and a passion for nature all come together. In a mix of chromatic and olfactory notes, Numero9’s creations become real unique pieces that combine personal taste and seasonal inspiration. Let your heart guide you here. “Saying it with a flower” from Numero9 will leave your loved one speechless.


Viale G. D’Annunzio, 25


It is now well known that men are often more vain than women, so why not make your boyfriend/partner/husband happy by gifting them a trip to the Francesco Cirignotta barber shop? In 2018, he was declared the best barber in the world by the Financial Times. Stand out services include hair cutting and shampoo with well-being of the skin, shaving and shaping of the beard, All products used here are selected for their naturalness and eco-sustainability. In addition to the undisputed technical ability, it is also his sensitivity that make Cirignotta an exceptional professional. The secret to his hair cutting skills lies in the psychological, physiological and social observations he can make. Give your partner a few hours of relaxation to rediscover the importance of self-care and the impact it can have on everyday life.


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10 idee regalo per San Valentino

An atelier where elegance and seduction intertwine at a crossroad of veiled sensuality and hyper feminine color palettes, between velvety shades and metallic hints. La Perla tells a love story of craftsmanship. It is a must for the romantic and sophisticated woman, where silk fabrics meet lace and delicate embroidery. An unmissable place to pamper your soulmate with on Valentine’s Day.


Corso Garibaldi, 71

10 idee regalo per San Valentino

This brand has a rich selection of cadeaux dedicated to demanding lifestyles and charming globetrotters. This elegant range of bags, totes, backpacks, beauty and travel bags revolve around two cardinal principles: high quality materials and Italian production. And this is how canvas, suede, linen, wool and waterproof fabrics are transformed into indispensable classy accessories. You can even have them embroidered with your name or initials, for a sentimental touch.


Via Meravigli, 17

Taschen Store

A book is a deeply personal and special gift to give. If the volume in question comes from Taschen, it represents much more than just a simple gift. This extraordinary bookshop in via Meravigli can be compared to an art gallery given the beauty it contains. Architecture, photography, design, fashion are just some of the themes to be found in the precious editions that this German house has been making for over thirty years. Leave room for curiosity and imagination while admiring the works exhibited on the shelves, which are illuminated by the large suspension lamp designed in the 1950s by Gio Ponti. The gem for true connoisseurs is located on the upper floor. Here, you will find extremely valuable collectible volumes, unique pieces or limited editions that celebrate the most illustrious figures in art history.


10 idee regalo per San Valentino - Milano

Romantic getaways have unparalleled charm. If the idea of just ​​packing and leaving with your soulmate without warning anyone is tempting you, then all you have to do is choose the perfect destination. At this time of year, the most coveted locations are undoubtedly in the mountains. Among the places that we at Flawless have recommended, we must mention the Maison’s Auberge in Courmayeur, with its warm and welcoming dimension, or the Hotel Principe delle Nevi in ​​Cervinia, known for rooms that blend contemporary and mountain styles. If you love the Dolomites, book a chalet or one of the tree houses of the San Luis Retreat Hotel & Lodges a few kilometers from Merano. Even Switzerland is no different, with the Hotel Villa Honegg with Art Nouveau style in an unmistakable fairytale landscape, or the Park Hotel Vitznau where elegance meets excellence and a breathtaking view of the Alps. Instead, if you want to stay closer to Milan, bet everything on Como and Bergamo. They will not fail you. What are you waiting for? Start packing!

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