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Jo Malone London – Firenze

A simple, elegant and timeless style

Jo Malone London and Florence, two names that, even if they’re relative to different things, evoke the same idea of elegance, love for beauty and excellence. Two names that form an ideal union inside the boutique of this English brand, now an international synonym of artistic perfumery, open in one of the town’s crucial spots, between via de’ Calzaiuoli and piazza della Repubblica, at the center of Florentine public life, via degli Speziali.

Jo Malone - Firenze

In this central position, Jo Malone London’s boutique will open for you a door on a world made of unforgettable fragrances, where the refinement of British lifestyle unfolds in a space that has been dedicated for centuries to Florentine perfume art and now is updated to the needs of a more modern and cosmopolitan clientele, and not just for the perfumes and products you’ll find, but also for the exclusive services that will make of the essence of your choice something of its own. This Florentine image door is unique in Italy, adding something special to the other flagship boutiques of Milan, respectively in via Santa Maria alla Porta 13 e in via Manzoni 18, and the other three in Rome, Turin and Verona.

Jo Malone - Firenze

At Jo Malone London, perfume isn’t just an accessory element but becomes an expression of your personality and your style. What is the secret of Jo Malone London? Simple: the attention to the customer, the awareness that each of us needs a fragrance with as many nuances as their desires and personality. Inside the boutique, you will not only find an exhibition of fragrances, but also a real privée area, with floral patterned walls, where you can sit down for consultancy that will deeply interpret your desires to offer you a unique and special fragrance, tailored to you, thanks to the art ofFragrance Combining™. You will have a wonderful range of over 20 fragrances, in addition to the expertise of the staff, to let you create a perfume that feels like you, a faithful olfactory transcription of your most intimate self, through the overlapping of opposing or complementary fragrances. An art whose only limits are imagination and personal tastes.

Jo Malone - Firenze

But in reality, the whole experience signed by Jo Malone London is tailor-made for you. The store’s privée can also be used for birthdays, relaxing hands and arms rituals and wedding consultations to mark the most beautiful day of your life with a fragrance that you will always remember. Once you find the scent that best responds to the motions of your soul, you can further customize it by choosing the color of the cap, the packaging, the color of the ink for the stamps and the shape of the stamps themselves, with depictions of the most beautiful monuments of the city on the Arno, or symbols of London like the Big Ben, and also add ribbons and greeting cards.

Jo Malone - Firenze

The mission of this exclusive English brand is excellence in all its forms. A vocation for everything that is perfect, visible starting from the fanciful displays of the windows, that are renewed monthly, and also re-proposed inside the boutique. Take a seat at the Tasting Bar, surrounded by this black and white universe, where the perfume and the exclusive essences are the brightest colors. Let yourself be carried away by the sweet rituals designed to allow you to try the products, such as the hands and arms one, in which exfoliants, Body & Hand Wash, Body Creme and your favorite fragrances are used together.

Jo Malone - Firenze

The art of giving is all here: choosing and interpreting a desire, packing a perfume and giving a feeling, an emotion. Exclusive lines of products for the body and the home, to complete the offer of the fragrances, are packaged with the utmost care to create a lasting memory.

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