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5 Shops for Carnival Costumes in Milan

Clothes and accessories to buy or rent for the perfect disguise

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The lights, the exchanges of gifts and the beautiful indulgence of the Christmas period already seem like a melancholy memory faded between the folds of January and February. Yet, we get ready to celebrate again, breaking the monotony of the first winter months of the new year.

The countdown begins for the unparalleled explosion of masks, disguises, confetti and parades of gaiety in the streets that fill the city with color. If the Carnival calls, Milan responds.

The origins of this particular event are quite remote and can even be traced back to the Dionysiacs and Saturnalia: ancient rites characterized by transgression and chaos which over time have been re-adapted to the Christian world with the mitigation of excess.

To date, Carnival in Italy and around the world is dotted with different hues and traditions (in the Lombard capital it usually lasts days longer than expected), but the liveliness is a well-shared trait everywhere, whether in a big city or a small village.

Here we have curated 5 unmissable Milanese addresses for  carnival costumes, for those that are looking for bizarre or daring disguises to astonish friends and strangers.



Via Mercato, 5

Born as a Bazaar in the first half of the ‘900, recognized in 2006 by the City of Milan Bottega Storica, Torriani is a microcosm of energy in the heart of the city center. In this shop, in addition to finding everything you need for each holiday, you will come across a wide selection of costumes perfect for Carnival, both for adults and children. The masks here are offered in a variety of style and material, from Venetian crafts to  leather, latex, plastic and canvas. There is also camouflage and makeup products for the face and body to complete your enviable transformations (cerones, aquacolors and contact lenses are also some of the top sellers).


Via Lodovico Muratori 46/1

The story of La Lory Costumi Teatrali is rooted in 1998, when Loredana Pieri decided to take over a wide selection of theatrical costumes from Sartoria Gadola and transformed the family bakery of Via Muratori into a haven for clothes and costumes to be hired. Since 2013, the management has passed into the hands of Delia Giubilei, now offering event organization services (for special occasions and ceremonies). In this shop, a point of reference for theaters, advertising agencies and TV productions, there are clothes for all theme parties (rental only). For your masked celebrations at a friends or on the street, you can count on the excellent quality that characterizes every costume, branded by a fire of determined creativity.


Via Paolo Lomazzo, 25

Feel like Darth Vadar or Princess Leila, Achilles or Julius Caesar, an Indian or an old West Cowboy, a character from some childhood cartoon or a star from the ’50s,’ 60s, ’70s, or’ 80s. Carnevaleria has everything you need to make a statement at the fancy costume party you’ll be attending. You can be sure that in the wide assortment of items for sale,there is something able to satisy anyone’s taste (Star Wars fans, will surely be satisfied). Clothing sure to please adults and children, there is also a plethora of accessories that will complete your perfect disguise – costume jewelry, cosmetics, weapons, character glasses, cloaks, wigs, beards, mustaches, and much more.


Via Palmanova 213/A

800 square meters of shop that has been teeming with fabrics and imaginative products since 1996. Lariulà comes from the genuis of Giuseppina Diaferia, a professional seamstress who previously had thirty-years of experience on television and film sets. Initially the shop was intented only to supply production houses, costume designers and stylists in the large and small screens sector (plus advertising agencies). Just recently expanding, an entire section dedicated to Carnival clothes is now available to customers. From Monday to Saturday you have the opportunity to rent what you need for your disguises (even as a mascot), going crazy in an archive that counts 1200 pieces – only for adults.


Viale Papiniano, 22

Thousands of costumes made with over 50 years of activity at the Sartoria Pia Rame, Nadia Venegoni and Tiziana Materozzi wanted to make known, LA NUOVA SARTORIA. A point of reference for costume designers, stylists, and production managers (TV, cinema, theater, advertising) and a happy place for individuals to find clothes for the most varied occasions. Located at Viale Papiniano 22 there is a vault of quality creations: a real historical, cultural and artistic heritage of unique pieces, handcrafted with masterly precision – all for rent. Moving from the simplest to the most elaborate ones, we are brought back to the sumptuous fashions of past eras (mostly from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries).

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