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Pasticceria Cucchi’s Sweet Carnival

At Carnival not only the jokes are worthy: discover the most popular sweets of this party in the historic Pasticceria Cucchi!

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Did you know that Meneghino is the mask of excellence of the Milanese Carnival? Among confetti and disguises, you will surely have the chance to see her white and red striped stockings and the three-pronged hat peeping through the festive crowds that invade Milan on this day. Carnevale is a mobile party and we often find ourselves discovering when we will be celebrating it only a few weeks before. Although, what we know with certainty every year is that resisting sweets on this occasion is very difficult. To those near the historic Pasticceria Cucchi, specifically, it is virtually impossible.

Il Dolce Carnevale alla Pasticceria Cucchi - Milano

The shops in the neighborhood have changed and there are new metro stops, but at Pasticceria Cucchi time has stopped. Since 1936, its history, sweetness, class and quality have remained the same. Try to ask a Milanese to buy a cabaret of pastries after dinner, where to have breakfast, or even where the perfect address is to buy the traditional artisan panettone: the answer, along with a hundred other reasons why its a good idea, is Cucchi.

Il Dolce Carnevale alla Pasticceria Cucchi - Milano

It has the charm of remaining the same, known by those who leave and then return. Walking around Ticinese it is impossible to ignore the fragrance that this confectioner’s boutiqe emanates. With spring approaching, Cucchi’s outdoor tables evoke the need to slow down, take a break, and experience a sense of true satisfaction that can only be found here.

Il Dolce Carnevale alla Pasticceria Cucchi - Milano

Focus your memory on returning your childhood and try to remember what you were hoping to find as a snack at the masked party you were invited to. It is not Carnival without tortelli: whether they are plain, with apple, stuffed with cream or stuffed with pine nuts and raisins. Cucchi’s tortelli are a filler of good humor, a delicacy in front of which any diet surrenders.

Il Dolce Carnevale alla Pasticceria Cucchi - Milano

They called them bugi, frappe, sfrappole, but we know them as chiacchiere in Milan: thin and crisp, perfectly stacked on top of each other, they instill in us the hope that the tray is self-refilling and that they are destined to never end. At Cucchi you can find them prepared according to the traditional recipe, but in two variations: fried or baked, for those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle even when allowing themselves a sin of gluttony.

Il Dolce Carnevale alla Pasticceria Cucchi - Milano

Krapfen originate from Germany but we’ll say that they have been granted honorary citizenship, being promoted as a typical dessert for Carnival. Presented in the windows of Cucchi are desserts filled with cream, chocolate or apricot jam (defintely worth trying as their original recipe is outstanding with this filling!).

Il Dolce Carnevale alla Pasticceria Cucchi - Milano

Are we really too old to disguise ourselves? Maybe yes, but surely we are not too old to allow ourselves the luxury of not counting calories, at least a couple of times a year. Fill up with happiness at this historical address.


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