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A festive February at Zàini Milano

Carnival and Valentine's Day? Here's where to find some original gifts

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Every form of expression, from painting to gastronomy, takes inspiration from reality. And every opportunity is good to provide new ideas to the creative mind. If that creative is one of Zàini Milano‘s maîtres chocolatiers, we can be sure that the result will be surprising. In fact, Zàini doesn’t simply sell chocolate, but makes sure that its inventory evolves and changes to accompany and tell the life of each of us. Its new February catalogue, therefore, is particularly dense, just like the month to which it’s dedicated.

Zaini - Milano

There are two of the most popular festivities of the year just a few days from each other: Carnival and Valentine’s Day. Two occasions that the creativity of the minds behind Zàini Milano hasn’t missed, with two lines of products that celebrate the beauty and joy of both.

Zaini - Milano

We start from the Carnival, celebrated with a line of limited edition gourmet chocolate bars, each of which is the interpretation of a famous mask of the Italian carnival tradition, inspired by the characters of the Commedia dell’Arte: there will be the Arlecchino bar with dark chocolate and ginger and its female counterpart, Arlecchina, made of 50% dark chocolate. Then there’s the Pantalone bar, the Pulcinella, with a “chocolate and biscuits” flavor, and Corallina, with small colored grains that look like confetti.

Zaini - Milano

For Valentine’s Day, instead, the line of products is enriched and enlarged with golden boxes of chocolates, pralines and gianduiotti closed by elegant ribbons, jars full of candy and pralines with heart-shaped cards, the usual teddy bears holding a chocolate bar. Among the novelties, however, there are chocolate roses, the “love pots” with a heart of chocolate, the brigt-colored match boxes and the “chocolate in a cup” that comes in small packages for two, to be dipped in milk for an instant hot cocoa.

Zaini - Milano

Don’t miss the pistachio cookies, that come also in the flavors of lavender, chocolate and ginger and chocolate and blue salt as well as sets of two tablets, for him and her, each with half a heart on them. If you want to do something unsusual and find a radically different item, among the most exotic specialties you’ll find the crystallized edible flowers (real flowers!), delicious and completely original, especially when they’re put in a jar.

Zaini - Milano

The ideas are many and, above all, unique. Whether you want to make a chic but not too demanding gift, tell someone you love them or stay inside with your better half and enjoy an original hot cocoa cuddling together on the sofa, you will be satisfied. This is all, in conclusion, just a new celebration of Italian gastronomy and tradition, of course always in full Zàini Milano style.


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