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Boggi Milano

The cosmopolitan businessman also dresses casual-formal this Spring Summer

March, time to refresh your wardrobe. Who, better than Boggi Milano, to recommend perfect looks for the new season? Established and guaranteed since 1939, today it is a prominent brand with stores in all markets, from France to the Arab Emirates, from Russia to Hong Kong. With a tradition of exactly 80 years, the new Spring Summer 2019 collection pays tribute to Milan and its international soul that has made itself known throughout the world.

Boggi - Milano

The Milanese capital is energetic. Its cosmopolitan dress is influenced by the contemporary lifestyle and travels of those who live in the city. The Boggi Milano Spring Summer 2019 collection finds its maximum expression in the Buenos Aires store (Ang. Caretta 1), a concept store structured on two sales floors. The staff is pleased to assist you for a personalized shopping experience, tailoring to the needs of each customer. Distinctive signs of the Italian brand are none other than quality and elegance.

Boggi - Milano

The most obvious and significant change of image is the approach to tailoring: we are talking about tech-tailoring, a smarter and fresher reinterpretation of formal wear, with a strong sporting and casual influence. For the gentleman who is more aware of himself, loves getting out of the classic canons of clothing, loves to travel and who in the frenzy of his days at work manages to give different connotations to his outfits. It is precisely this Smart casual-Easy Formal combination that characterizes the new collection. Varying from the proposal of the unlined pinstripe suit to the reversible raincoat. To complete the look, you must see the leather and nylon backpack, perfect for urban travel during the working day.

Boggi - Milano

Versatility and functionality are the bonus points of all the items present in the store, introduced in the collection because they are in perfect trend with the evolution of menswear. These concepts are represented by the detachable bibs, which give an easy formal image to more traditional items such as blazers or spring jackets. Different materials, from nylon to stretch jersey, represent the ideal combination between the classic style and athleisure. There is a vast range of jogging trousers with drawstring or pince. Offered in classic canvas, cotton, denim and seersucker to create a casual look for the man who travels or wants to dress more relaxed during the weekend but with the same elegance that distinguishes Boggi Milano.

Boggi - Milano

The Boggi Milano gentleman is in constant motion, moving from one meeting to another with class and ease: this is why the “Aria” jacket was launched, an unlined model invented as a jacket-shirt hybrid weighing only 350 gr. Lightness and wrinkle-free wool are its main characteristics, that ensures its non-crease. The perfect essential to be folded back in the trolley and still ensure an impeccable look while traveling.

Boggi - Milano

Beyond the iconic blue, representative of the Milanese brand, beautiful colors are present in the store, especially in the more summer jackets. You can find linen, silk and wool jackets, with natural and warm colors or deconstructed jackets in printed jersey, perfect to wear during the first weekends of spring. New colors and a strong stylistic identity are defined in the leather accessories. A strongly expanded collection ranging from briefcases for the office to backpacks and document holders. All contextualized to complete the look of the cosmopolitan businessman.

Boggi - Milano

A collection that reveals a new way of dressing and being, meant to keep up with the needs of the modern man, self-confident and authentic, who expresses himself through the language of Boggi Milano.

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