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Café Trussardi

A sound combination of fashion and cuisine overlooking Teatro alla Scala

Fashion is one of those things that become part of each Milanese, either born and bred or adoptive. And when one falls in love with a stylist, one would like to wear some of that stylist’s elegance throughout the day. This might be one of the reasons why, over the years, the fashion houses have been trying to offer all-round experiences going beyond the clothing and accessories. This is most certainly exemplified by Café Trussardi.

Café Trussardi

Located within Palazzo Trussardi, a stone’s throw from the Cathedral, it overlooks the Teatro alla Scala. Its position couldn’t be more central, and it is an ideal starting point for a tour of the fashion square (Quadrilatero), or simply to visit Boutique Trussardi, with which it shares the ground floor. A well and truly sound union between fashion and cuisine, able to give those all-round experiences mentioned earlier. A palpable seamless continuity can be seen in the smooth transition from fashion to food. The Café is fully imbued with the Trussardi style, from its imposing marble bar to the exterior, all consistent a coherent whole.

Café Trussardi

The exterior is what I like most; think of winter gardens reinterpreted from a contemporary perspective, an eco-design structure populated with over 3,000 tropical plants. Come rain or shine, you will surely admire the glass walls that make you feel as if you were sitting outside, albeit with your very own sky above you and green environment around you.

The lunch break is my favourite time of the day, when I can relax for a moment and enjoy some light and high quality food. One cannot fail the menu, ranging from sandwiches to fish dishes, and I recommend the “risotto alla Milanese”, a delicious rice dish that is perfect for an early autumn lunch, possibly with a glass of red wine to go with it. Whether you are a Trussardi connoisseur or not, this is the right place for you to fully capture the essence of this stylist’s work.

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