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The cannoli district between Brera and Moscova

A walk among the Sicilian delicacies in town

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The area that goes from Brera to Moscova, including a good half of Corso Garibaldi, is one of the most beautiful in Milan besides being one of the richest in bistrot, little restaurants, fast foods and pastry shops. There’s really something for everyone and a thing you’ll surely notice is the strong presence of Sicilian patisseries: if you start walking from Moscova and go down towards Via Mercato you will discover that not only there are many, but they’re also all the good ones.

These patisseries are indeed among the best in town when the cannoli are involved and some of them, having their own cart, go around town transforming the cannolo in a very nice street food. Each one of them is different for details and personality, but, if we put them all together, they become some sort of gastronomic district of the cannoli in Milan.

BOTTONE CANNOLI | Via Alessandro Volta, 8


Elegantly designed location, fresh cannoli in the crystal case displayed like they’re jewels and, as a last touch of style, a small red sugar button that closes the cannoli shells while, at the same time, signing it. Twenty-five square meters, four versions of the filling (regular, hazelnut, pistachio and chocolate) and a single, original recipe for the shell, created by the pastry chef himself. The kits with a sac-à-poche included to fill your cannoli at the moment will give an all new twist to your dessert.

DON PEPPINU | Corso Garibaldi, 111


With four shops in Sicily, one in Milan, one in Bologna and one on Miami’s Hollywood Boulevard, Don Peppinu is a small empire of Sicilian patisserie. The two pillars of it are the ice-cream and, of course, the cannoli. Tasta’s ones comes in two shell variations, a “Palermo style” one, crunchier and with cocoa powder and the “Catania style” one, lighter and with a scent of cinnamon. The ricotta is always the same for both, though, and it’s great. Don’t miss it.

AMMU | Corso Garibaldi, 84


Outside tables, three available sizes (the large one is just huge, a whole meal alone) and all the traditional garnish. Ammu’s cannoli have the taste of true Sicily. Their raw materials are very well selected and their relationships with the best Sicilian food companies are wide and deep. Ammu was a triumph at Expo and is a triumph everyday at the table of countless Milanese people. Did you taste it already?

IL CANNOLO | Corso Garibaldi, 51/a


Small but very well located little pastry shop where you’ll find shells particular for their lightness and their cinnamon flavor. The filling is all of fresh ricotta, Sicilian of course, and has a special kind of creaminess that is really inimitable. As garnish, we have the titans of Sicilian pastry; Modica chocolate, candied orange and Bronte pistachio. The two owners, Clara and Anna Lisa, also do food-related activities like catering for private events, fairs and inaugurations.



Right next to the Pinacoteca, this intimate and cozy place creates some top-quality cannoli that are only the tip of the iceberg when compared to its enormous offer. Sicilian Brera Wine & Food Art is a true ambassador of Sicilian gastronomy in Milan, with a wide choice of regional products that can also be consumed in loco. The cannoli are superlative and become even better if you eat them while strolling between the Chiesa del Carmine and the Accademia.

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