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Christmas dinner in Milan: where to go

Our favorite locations for a Christmas dinner wrapped up in bows

The magic of Christmas has now pervaded the streets of Milan and the countdown for that fateful date in December has begun. The clock hands seem to turn faster and faster, between last minute gift shopping, seasonal recipes to brush up on and buying the authentic panettone of the Milanese tradition. And when the first Christmas songs begin to make their way through the city, the thought of upcoming Christmas dinners diverts attention for a moment from shopping. You must look for places that will warm the heart while you eat. 

As a true cradle of catering, Milan offers Christmas ideas for all tastes. From those who prefer the more traditional fare to those who gravitate to a more Mediterranean flair, there’s something for everyone. The most imaginative palates will not be disappointed by succulent dishes overseas. For those who prefer an authentic seafood menu, Flawless has the perfect solution. Between breathtaking skylines, tailor made food and wine events and places that have made the magic of Christmas an immersive experience: an unforgettable dinner to the tune of Jingle Bells is waiting for you.  


Via Lelio Basso, 9

Cena di Natale a Milano dove farla

A swirl of warm and welcoming lights fill this magnificent 17th century farmhouse, with retro lamps and a nostalgic atmosphere. Antica Osteria del Ronchettino invites its guests to relive that country house experience during the most convivial holiday of the year, when sitting around a table enjoying traditional dishes becomes an unmissable appointment. Between private rooms and a lounge with exposed bricks, checkered tablecloths and warm wood, your dinner is sure to be unforgettable. You’ll be lulled by the green and red reflections of the decorations and the warmth of the stove, for an evening in perfect Christmas spirit.


Via Cesare Cantù, 7

Red sweaters, shirts, tights and perfect hairstyles; if you too this year have chosen to let your grandmother’s stove rest in favor of a Christmas dinner at the restaurant, Al Mercante is one of the most suitable destinations to make this moment of conviviality truly unforgettable. Everything in this milanese historic “Bottega”, from the furniture that combines history and contemporary design to the menu, perfeclty matches with the warm Christmas atmosphere, delighting the guests with an elegant dinner with some fancy shades. Anyway, the look of the restaurant, Milanese to the core, does not steal the show to the excellent courses of the tasting dinner organized for Christmas day, exquisite, warm and plentiful, just as tradition dictates.


Via Spartaco, 31

An Argentinian restaurant of absolute beauty but above all an extraordinary cuisine. Organizing a Christmas dinner in El Carnicero is not just a tribute to conviviality, it means telling those with you that you’re experiencing a moment of pure joy for the beginning of holidays that you’re enthusistic about exchanging wishes in the most cheerful way. You’ll immediately feel it when entering a place where red (Christmas color par excellence by the way) immediately conveys a nice feeling of warmth, but you will fully absord it after tasting a tender fillet of Argentinian beef, The Lomo, or a bite of a Hamburguesa “El Carnicero”, or perhaps when pampering yourself with a little Mousse de chocolate. Sangria with rosé wine is a must to toast, and the Christmas dinner is served.


Via Selvanesco, 36

Cena di Natale a Milano dove farla

Immersing yourself in the true magic of Christmas is possible. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city center behind you for Al Garghet. It’s a wonderful farmhouse that during the holiday season turns into an explosion of colored lights, festive trees and red and green tartan decorations. Intimate rooms with fireplace and piano are the perfect setting for a handwritten menu echoing the Lombard and Milanese tradition. The authentic Milanese risotto and elephant ear cutlet will mark your Christmas events in a homey and suggestive atmosphere that will warm your heart.


Via Savona, 10

I Ristoranti in Zona Navigli con Consegna a Domicilio

Langosteria means taste, refinement and high quality. The restaurant was born from an idea of entrepreneur Enrico Buonocore to create an all-Italian restaurant, with an indispensable touch of internationality. It posseses the ideal atmosphere, on every occasion, Christmas dinners included. Organizing a Christmas dinner at Langosteria is the perfect solution that will agree those who love to stay in company without sacrificing refined environments and gourmet dishes, such as oyster plateaus or raw fish, but also inviting mixed fried and shrimp tempura. Sober and elegant in appearance and in the frame, overwhelming for the flavors, a Christmas dinner at Langosteria will be the most chic and refined way to wish each other well without forgetting the magic of these holidays.


Via Durini, 28

I Migliori Aperitivi di Milano

Rooftops have a charm that’s really hard to resist. Watching Milan from above in the evening is exciting and also a bit romantic. While admiring the view we see terraces decorated with lights, the majestic Christmas trees that stand in different squares of the city and the lights that decorate the main streets, and one aspect becomes immediately clear: A’ Riccione Terrazza 12 is the right place to organize a Christmas dinner! In the heart of Milan, on the 9th and 10th floor of The Brian&Barry Building in Piazza San Babila, the restaurant offers delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine based on freshly caught fish, but revisited by chef Marco Fossati. In each dish a touch of internationality to enhance the flavors of tradition and satisfy even the most refined palates. A beautiful and charming place where excellent cuisine, breathtaking views and Christmas toasts are combined in a pleasing picture.


Piazzale Stazione di Porta Genova, 3

La Scaletta

A culinary journey between sea, land and vegetable garden that takes inspiration from a genuine raw material and traditional recipes. At La Scaletta restaurant every ingredient is expertly processed to add that contemporary twist that gives guests the feeling of savoring a signature palette inside a room that could easily be the living room of a Milanese house; so cozy, refined, and detail, not just relaxing. The ideal place to book a dinner with friends before the Christmas holidays with dishes that bring good taste and good mood to the table.


Viale Sabotino, 14

Cena di Natale a Milano dove farla

If you haven’t yet tried the cuisine of Abruzzo, in Porta Romana there is a restaurant where you can discover the exquisite specialties of this region in a chic and cozy environment, whose cream shades of decor makes it a perfect location for a Christmas dinner together with friends and colleagues. This place is called La Bottega del Capestrano, younger brother of Ristorante il Capestrano. It is an elegant treasure trove of culinary surprises: let yourself be seduced by the typical roasted sheep meat or the fresh tagliatelle with wild boar sauce, very good but also very instagrammable thanks to a mise en place worthy of haute cuisine. The most daring must try the self-produced sausages with spicy chicory to match with selected wines by their well-stocked cellar. what about the dessert to finish a Christmas dinner? The cake with a warm heart is a classic for chocolate lovers but the typical Abruzzo cake or Pizza Dolce, sponge cake with alchermes and coffee, custard and chocolate cream, garnished with cream, is the real conclusion for a dinner that anticipates holidays.

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