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Christmas dinner in Milan: where to go

Our favorite locations for a Christmas dinner wrapped up in bows

The magic of Christmas has now pervaded the streets of Milan and the countdown for that fateful date in December has begun. The clock hands seem to turn faster and faster, between last minute gift shopping, seasonal recipes to brush up on and buying the authentic panettone of the Milanese tradition. And when the first Christmas songs begin to make their way through the city, the thought of upcoming Christmas dinners diverts attention for a moment from shopping. You must look for places that will warm the heart while you eat. 

As a true cradle of catering, Milan offers Christmas ideas for all tastes. From those who prefer the more traditional fare to those who gravitate to a more Mediterranean flair, there’s something for everyone. The most imaginative palates will not be disappointed by succulent dishes overseas. For those who prefer an authentic seafood menu, Flawless has the perfect solution. Between breathtaking skylines, tailor made food and wine events and places that have made the magic of Christmas an immersive experience: an unforgettable dinner to the tune of Jingle Bells is waiting for you.  


Via Vigevano, 32

For a tasteful dinner, where balance and innovation mix with tasty and colorful dishes, the most #casualgourmet restaurant in Milan is ready to amaze you. Al Bacio, nestled among the elegant buildings of Via Vincenzo Monti, will make you fall in love with a kitchen that enhances the fresh ingredients of the Bel Paese, including low temperature cooking and healthy combinations, in a welcoming location, between wood, color and refined details. The exclusivity of your dinner will be guaranteed by impeccable tailor made service, which gives you the opportunity to reserve the entire venue for a special night, with guaranteed success!


Via Tortona, 28

Cena di Natale a Milano dove farla

From the waters of the Arno to Via Savona: Belle Donne Bistrot was born from the food and wine experience of the Fontani family, bringing the true essence of Tuscan cuisine to Milan, in a blend of tradition and innovation. This Tuscan Bistrot will welcome your Christmas dinners in the name of an intimate and elegant atmosphere, among refined appliances, candlelit light, soft velvet and exposed brick seats. Between a plate of steaming pici and a fresh chianina tartare, let your gaze get lost in the wall images of beautiful women who have made history over the past 50 years and treat yourself to a toast of good wishes.


Corso Lodi, 12

Cena di Natale a Milano dove farla

Here’s a location nestled in the heart of the lively Porta Romana district, where you can enjoy a delicious and high quality fish menu. This is the goal of Barmare, which has made the celebration of authentic seafood the pillar of its cuisine, in a combination of Mediterranean and gourmet flair. The sustainability of ingredients is guaranteed by the Friend of The Sea recognition. A winter trip celebrates the seasonal dishes you’ll enjoy during your Christmas dinner. Sit either at the wooden tables or the stone and marble counter, where you can peek among the numerous labels, for a happy toast from the sea to the city.


Piazza della Repubblica, 20

Cena di Natale a Milano dove farla

A Christmas dinner with a breathtaking view of the Milan skyline. Circle Experience by TUBBO lands on the magnificent Rooftop Terrace designed by The Westin Palace for a food and wine experience that will allow you to touch the sky. To welcome you, you’ll find an elegant table for up to 28 people, enclosed within a heated environment, away from the cold of the city. A system of colored lights will make the atmosphere even more magical, between a gourmet bite and a Christmas toast under the stars. 


Via Caldera, 3

Sheraton Milan San Siro - El Patio Del Gaucho

If you love culinary exploration even during the Christmas holidays, an overseas dinner of authentic Argentine flavors will have you sit at the large convivial table of this place started by football legend Javier Zanetti – within the majestic setting of the Sheraton Milan San Syrian . Wrapped in a burgundy palette, with hints of wood and references to South America, this location will be your starting point for a gastronomic tour based on succulent meat and traditional recipes, without forgetting grilled fish and vegetables. Fasten your seat belts: your Christmas dinner is taking off.


Via Laghetto, 2

Cena di Natale a Milano dove farla

Treat yourself to a magical Christmas dinner. Go down a few steps and the most charming tavern in the city will welcome you in the name of excellent cuisine, under an enchanting original barrel vault. A historic room, first the ancient seat of the Laghett and then a deposit for the preservation of coal and iron, which today belongs to the Cantina Piemontese brand . Enjoy your meal at a large central table with 40 seats, including Christmas decorations, soft lights and scenographic furnishings. A professional sound system and potential DJ set will accompany your toast, for a full-fledged exchange of gifts.


Piazza Duca d’Aosta, 9

Cena di Natale a Milano dove farla

A dream Christmas dinner awaits you in the elegant setting of the Terrazza Gallia restaurant, with a breathtaking view of futuristic Milan, on the seventh floor of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia , in a whirl of twinkling lights and a wonderful decorated tree. The festive menu designed specifically by the culinary expertise of the Lebano brothers is an explosion of taste, with excellent fresh ingredients and seasonal flavors. Your palate will be pampered with traditional recipes and Mediterranean flavors. Savor the delicious Panettone, leavened for 24 hours, as the perfect conclusion to your Christmas meal. 


Via Selvanesco, 36

Cena di Natale a Milano dove farla

Immersing yourself in the true magic of Christmas is possible. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city center behind you for Al Garghet. It’s a wonderful farmhouse that during the holiday season turns into an explosion of colored lights, festive trees and red and green tartan decorations. Intimate rooms with fireplace and piano are the perfect setting for a handwritten menu echoing the Lombard and Milanese tradition. The authentic Milanese risotto and elephant ear cutlet will mark your Christmas events in a homey and suggestive atmosphere that will warm your heart.


Via Lelio Basso, 9

Cena di Natale a Milano dove farla

A swirl of warm and welcoming lights fill this magnificent 17th century farmhouse, with retro lamps and a nostalgic atmosphere. Antica Osteria del Ronchettino invites its guests to relive that country house experience during the most convivial holiday of the year, when sitting around a table enjoying traditional dishes becomes an unmissable appointment. Between private rooms and a lounge with exposed bricks, checkered tablecloths and warm wood, your dinner is sure to be unforgettable. You’ll be lulled by the green and red reflections of the decorations and the warmth of the stove, for an evening in perfect Christmas spirit.


Via Giuseppe Sirtori, 34

Cena di Natale a Milano dove farla

In the heart of Porta Venezia, down a side street that escapes the frenzy of the neighborhood, you’ll find a welcoming location with an elegant air thanks to the soft lights, lanterns and attention to detail. A large decorated tree recreates that magical Christmas atmosphere that will brighten your festive dinner with seasonal and fresh ingredients, on a gastronomic tour that takes inspiration from the culinary tradition of the Bel Paese. Delight your taste buds with a welcome cocktail on the ground floor, then go up the wooden stairs and sit at a convivial round table, elegantly set. For a special Christmas occasion, ask for the attic room with exposed beams, you will not regret it!