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Easter with whomever you want. We chose Cucchi!

Pasticceria Cucchi gives its best during the holidays. Go and find out what they thought of to make Easter Lunch unforgettable!

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Those who stroll through the streets of the center early in the morning and want to do something that makes them feel like an authentic Milanese, they go to Cucchi to have breakfast and order a slice of Panettone to dip in a steaming cappuccino. The historic pastry shop in Corso Genova, which has been flooding Milan with sweetness since 1936, represents a cornerstone of the Milanese confectionery art. It is the first choice for those who want to surprise with a cabaret of pastries at dinner, pay homage to a special dessert to celebrate an anniversary or simply enjoy a temptation to straighten out a bad day.

Pasqua con chi vuoi: noi abbiamo scelto Cucchi!

Perhaps more than Christmas, Easter is an extremely sweet feast: when we were children we tried to shorten Easter lunch anyway to get to the best part. Throwing our eggs aside as we tried to get to the chocolate, which we regularly attempted to divide into two exact halves, failing miserably. What a joy the surprise was. The spasmodic search for someone to help us choose between tastes of dark chocolate and milk. Easter is a beautiful celebration and we want to give you a suggestion on how to make it absolutely unforgettable.

Pasqua con chi vuoi: noi abbiamo scelto Cucchi!

If cooking is not your specialty and you have been asked to buy the colomba, or you have not yet bought baskets and eggs for children and grandchildren, read on. If the question is about desserts, Pasticceria Cucchi is always the right answer. Furthermore, until April 29th it will be possible to travel back in time to the 30s, thanks to the retro futuristic setting by the designer Cristina Celestino who dressed the confectionary, bringing it back to its origins as Caffè Concerto.

Pasqua con chi vuoi: noi abbiamo scelto Cucchi!

We won’t pretend that eggs are only for children: even adults deserve a cocoa plus this time of year. At Cucchi in fondant, milk or white chocolate are available, but their use of experimentation is an added touch. That’s why their products resemble works of art as the eggs are covered with daisies or enclosed in lanterns and retro-looking backsplashes, where wrought iron creates a romantic frame for the chocolate inside.

Pasqua con chi vuoi: noi abbiamo scelto Cucchi!

Why choose Cucchi for the eggs? We have no doubts that you will be satisfied entrusting their skilled pastry chefs as to what surprise you want your eggs filled with. Imagine your loved ones unwrapping an egg, completely unaware that the surprise was personally chosen by you and the amazement once they uncover your declaration of love inside.

Pasqua con chi vuoi: noi abbiamo scelto Cucchi!

La Colomba is the true queen of Easter lunch as well as the Panettone, Cucchi’s is a guarantee. Starting from the 100g Colombina, ideal as a present for an invitation in the next few days, arriving at the 500g, 750g, 1kg one, and the majestic 1.5kg Colomba: we hope is that you each have a slice for Easter breakfast (for the daredevils who will still be able to eat after Easter lunch!).

Pasqua con chi vuoi: noi abbiamo scelto Cucchi!

Passing by Cucchi before Easter is a tradition for many, and for those who were not, our advice is to rely on their incredible pastry chefs for the choice of dessert. Because when something is mixed with love and dedication, you can taste it in the first bite.


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