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Foorban – the healthy lunch at your desk

Healthy, quick and easy

Here in Milan, it’s near impossible to find a lunch that’s delicious, healthy, cheap and quick. You might find something that ticks two or three of those boxes easily enough. But unless you are bringing your own food from home (something, I am always intending to do, and always putting off for another day) it is difficult to find a lunch or dinner that you can enjoy quickly, without the guilt of breaking your budget, or your diet. At a time when our lunch breaks are getting shorter due to work demands, and our chances of getting to the gym in the evenings are diminishing, Foorban is an absolute godsend. Offering freshly prepared meals, using healthy ingredients, and delivering them to your office or home, Foorban makes sure that a busy life doesn’t have to mean an unhealthy one.

Foorban - Best of Mi.

Changing their menu daily, Foorban also ensures that you don’t get locked into a boring eating routine. There’s always a generous selection of food offerings, with a healthy proportion of protein to vegetables and high glycemic index carbohydrates. Here in the busy Flawless Milano offices, some of our favorites have been the prawn curry with steamed winter vegetables and black rice, roast salmon with citrus salsa and a salad of green apple and radicchio, and pasta with porcini mushrooms. And should you still need a sugar hit to keep you on or your feet (or rather, upright in front of your computer) Foorban offers a range of freshly made desserts. Perhaps there’s a reason I keep forgetting to pack lunch in the mornings…

Foorban App

Ordering is easy, either visit their website or download their easy and intuitive app from the App Store or Google Play. Deliveries can be scheduled within 20 minute blocks. While some things might be out of your control (time, work, family commitments) rest assured that with Foorban, you still have some choice over what you eat.


Editor’s note: This article is proudly sponsored by Foorban S.r.l. and endorsed by Flawless Milano. We thank you for supporting the sponsors who make Flawless Milano possible. 

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