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Winelivery – the next big thing in Milan

With wine at your doorsteps for wineglasses always half full

We always tell you about good restaurants, but what if you decide to throw a dinner party at home? Of course, the standard size of a home in Milan will hardly fit all the friends on our guestlist. But even if our kitchens are scarsely equipped and our chef skills don’t go much further than frying an egg, the fact is that hosting friends is still vital, and even more so having them for dinner. Now, thanks to Winelivery, the new service of wine delivery to your home, your dinners are ready to be taken to the next level.

Dinner arrangement, frankly, could even be done last minute. The ingredients are always there, and if we don’t feel like standing by a stove we can always order some specialty in advance, make it arrive before the guests do and pretend we cooked it. This we would get away with, but what to do with wine? It’s usually hard to get, especially the good kinds. One can always hope for an open supermarket, but can’t expect much more than settling for something tasteless – not exactly the best option to impress our diners.

And what if there was a way to order a bottle right when we wanted it? If we could, say, choose the white or red we prefer, maybe even using the advice of someone savvy? If we could get it delivered in under half an hour, with a payment method of choice? It would be a revolution, a wine shop of the future: maximum choice, maximum convenience.


There is no need to dream too big, though. Milan takes care of his night owls and would never leave their glasses dry for a trifle of not having time to buy wine. Winelivery, a virtual cellar we all needed, lets you pick your own bottle based on its price range and origin, order it paying cash or credit, and get it home faster than a courier would, thanks to the under 30 minutes delivery option. Each bottle comes with all the needed instructions on the taste, best food pairings and ideal serving temperatures.

You don’t only survive on water, as you don’t on only wine. For those who want to seem easy, but without passing as a careless host, can order fine artisan beers selecting among forty-four labels available. Or, if the night goes well and you feel like drinking something stronger, you will have over 80 liquors, bitters, spirits, soft drinks and cocktail kits at your service.

Finally, the annoyingly sober guests will stop spoiling your parties. Everyone will drink their favorites without there ever being an empty glass, nor the need to decide (voluntarily, by popular vote or a simple misfortune) who will go to the supermarket still open. Winelivery will bring the best of all possible wineshops to your doorsteps. If this is not a treat, we don’t know what it is.


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