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NIO – Needs Ice Only

Drink 2.0: the revolution of your way to drink

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December isn’t even started and yet the calendar is already clogged up with appointments that, willing or unwilling, you know you have to face. A ton of work, Christmas gift shopping, lots of things to do and huge amounts of people to see. There’s only one desire larger than sending anyone else to hell and sinking on the sofa on a binge of the newest series every day until Christmas: the desire to have a drink. It is a desire that starts slowly around five in the afternoon, at first you could mistake it for hunger. Around six it’s already so strong that if you’d have a bottle on your desk, you’d surely go for it. But we discovered something that in this time of the year could help you solve a good 70% of your problems. The rest, we’re sorry, it’s all yours to deal with. NIO – Needs Ice Only.


Nio Needs Ice Only - Milano

Here we are. Usually the organization of Christmas dinners has already started by November. You stop working at eight o’ clock and have only half an hour to reach your destination, your friend’s house or your colleague’s place. The most forgiving of them relieved you from the obligation of a dress code, but still there’s the problem of what to bring over to make a good impression. Play your cards close to your chest until after the dinner, than among the general amazement take a glass from the shelf, fill it with ice and open the box filled with what seems to be ten CDs, ordered on a color scale that goes from mint green to dark orange. “What color do you prefer?”, you ask, while everyone is staring.

In a moment the box is empty and, a moment later, all the glasses are full. Daiquiri, Margarita, Gin Sour, Vodka Sour, Gimlet, Whiskey Sour, Negroni, Manhattan, Milano Torino e Boulevardier. Ten great classics loved by everyone, each one of your friends chooses a color. That’s the moment when you have catched the heart of the audience. You drink, you laugh: these pocket-size cocktail are tonight’s new game.


Nio Needs Ice Only - Milano

Let’s tell the truth: to make a nice impression with your Christmas gifts at a fair price is almost impossible and no one has time to take long walks downtown to look for the perfect thing. NIO Cocktails‘ drink 2.0 are the ideal solution: cocktails-à-porter already mixed and ready to drink, that you can drink anywhere, in every occasion and arrive directly at your house. For the occasion there also is a limited edition drink, the Christmas in Manhattan, inspired by the scenery of the snow-covered New York. The packaging really is something: it’s as big as a CD case, composed of separable and recyclable elements, it is extremely elegant. Can you imagine a better gift?


Nio Needs Ice Only - Milano

A new way to drink: original, elegant and accessible. And social, of course, great to share. You just have to shake the package, rip off the dotted corner and pour its content in a glass full of ice (since the acronym NIO: Needs Ice Only) and the deed is done. An additional motive to spend a night home and invite all the friends you usually see outside. Or to just cuddle with your beloved, sipping a cocktail on the couch. You are your own bartender and you don’t have to worry about buying expensive bottles and have a good drink. Now you have your best within your hands’ reach. From now on the codewords are comfort and immediacy.


Nio Needs Ice Only - Milano

You’re organizing a beautiful corporate party but the most difficult (and most important) part is usually choosing how much beverages you can offer to your guests. It’s difficult to find a good barman who isn’t booked for the whole month and, even if you succeed, to set up a bar in the choosen location could be more difficult than expected. With NIO Cocktails you take two birds with one stone: quality drinks (also an alternative to the usual wine) that with their innovative packages – light, compact and unbreakable – solve in one fell swoop all the transportation and storage problems, besides of course amazing your guests. The cherry on top of all this? The paper skin is customizable, offering you the opportunity to transform a cocktail in a unforgettable gadget with your business’ logo…

NIO Cocktails

Mixed by Patrick Pistolesi – a cutting-edge Italian mixologist – and made using only high-quality spirits and no preservative at all, these cocktails bring the excellence of mixology everywhere you want: at home, on a boat, on a plane or at camping. With NIO the cocktail goes beyond the bar’s doors and becomes an exclusive accessory in every moment a toast is in order. All of the cocktails, singularly or in the combinable boxes of five or ten drinks, are for sale in NIO Cocktails online shop and will be delivered within 48 hours. And very soon the brand’s official showroom will open its doors very close to the Hotel Magna Pars Suites. Stay tuned and good evening!



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