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Vino à Porter

Complete the quiz and discover the perfect wine for you

In life, we look for perfect pairings: whether you are matching your tie to your shirt, cooking a meal, or looking for love, we know certain things are just meant to go together. That’s why, in the world of wine, we talk about “wine pairings“. We talk about finding wine that complements the food we are eating, wine that complements our tastes, and wine that complements our personality. But finding wine that hits all these points is easier said than done.

For all of those who feel lost in the wonderful world of wine, Vino à Porter comes to the rescue. Founded in February by four guys, all under 30, this start up promises two things: finding you the perfect match and delivering it quickly. Vino à Porter’s website (which will soon be available in app form) will deliver wine at your house (or chosen address) in less than 30 minutes from the time you ordered or 45 minutes if you live outside Milan’s city center (48 hours anywhere in Italy). But maybe most importantly, they will deliver your wine at the right temperature, ready for you to drink.


The premise of Vino à Porter is simple. On their website you will find a quiz which allows Vino à Porter to select the right wine whether you are buying it for you, for your guests, for the meal you are preparing, or for the gift you will be giving. Using the invaluable input of a professional sommelier, the boys at Vino à Porter have spent time honing their algorithm so that it always finds the perfect wine for your occasion and your price point.

Their wine map ranks wine by its overall character, or its #caratteri. You might find a white classified as playful, or a red described as sexy or wise. Vino à Porter’s cellar only contains wines of the highest quality and has no set price cap. Their easy to use portal also offers you access to more boutique wineries that do not distribute in GDO. To date, there are around 150 options to choose from, but Vino à Porter’s cellar continues to grow.

Vino à Porter provides a service that will appeal both to experienced oenophiles and to those just learning. More specifically though, it will appeal to the curious, and those who want to find something new. The guys from Vino à Porter organize blind tastings, during which you and others will try up to 15-20 wines, and select your favorites to be included in their Wine Box. A fun and democratic way to become a part of this growing project.

Go to their website and discover your #caratteri. We bet you’re already curious!


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