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Fuorisalone with NIO design cocktails

Greet the city chaos with exclusive drinks to drink at home or in a hotel

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Punctual as the Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains, Design Week arrives in Milan with its head-spinning battalion of events splitting the month of April in two – what comes first and what remains after.

In the myriad of miles between the pavilions of the proud mother that hosts Il Salone Internazionale del Mobile, events and aperitifs and faces that meet and perhaps will no longer meet. On one hand, there are those who hope to develop the gift of ubiquity. On the other hand there are those who seek to emerge and establish themselves, especially among professionals and artists. The trick is to make oneself distinguishable and recognizable, to reinvent oneself and to invent oneself, more or less.

Il Fuorisalone con i cocktail di design NIO - Milano

Having embraced the concept of innovation, elbowing through the crowded market and even managing to come to the surface, was NIO – Needs Ice Only: the Italian start-up that has fused intuition and genius dressed in creativity, giving a twist to the already particular world of Mixology.

The founders Luca Quagliano and Alessandro Palmarin have launched cocktails ready to be tasted – Needs Ice Only in fact – enclosed in an easy & chic pack as thin as a cd, tickle the curiosity of most. As if to defeat the constraints of the chairs and rooms where, if you are lucky in a period of turmoil like this, you can hardly find a place to sit. The NIOs bring the mixes of the internationally known mixologist Patrick Pistolesi directly into the hands of the consumer made with the best spirits. All you need is to have ice, shake the package, tear off a corner, pour it into the glass, toast and you’re done – whenever you want, wherever you want.

Il Fuorisalone con i cocktail di design NIO - Milano

It becomes even more interesting, then, when cocktails mixed in a workmanlike manner  meet art and design. The packaging of these products give a little lesson on how to reconcile functionality and aesthetics, placing them on same wavelength. In addition to being easily transportable (encumbering about as much as a CD case) the NIOs are colorful, collectable and are objects to keep visible in the home. If then, cocktails mixed in a workmanlike manner meet design during Milan’s Design Week, it becomes even more eccentric.

From April 8th to 14th (10:00 am – 10:00 pm) it will be possible to stumble into the temporary pop up of the Quagliano-Palmarin duo in Corso Como (corner of Via Toqueville), where you can receive all the information about NOI, you can buy them and have them sent directly to your home or hotel and taking part in an aperitif with DJ sets on Friday and Saturday from 19:00 to 21:00.


Also, don’t forget about the happy hour at the NH Hotel Terrace on 9-10-11, to celebrate the pre-lacio of N10, a new restaurant that will open next June in Viale Monte Grappa. The brand will also be the official sponsor of Isola Design District and will be present with an exhibitor inside the Milan Design Market (complete with a bar), in Via Pastrengo 14, at Ca ‘Ventiquattro, in Via De Castillia 24, and at the Hotel Magna Pars Suites.

Il Fuorisalone con i cocktail di design NIO - Milano

Choose your ideal taste among great classics like the Manhattan, Negroni and Milan-Turin or opt for a special edition box or make it yourself by customizing it following your #moodoftheday. You just have to plan your exclusive evening and continue to share your time with those you love even after a day full of appointments, staying comfortably at home or in a hotel, away from stress and metropolitan chaos. And if you miss these Fuorisalone events, don’t despair: you can always buy NIO cocktails from the official website.


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