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Glovo: the life hacking app landed in Milan

Wednesday evening: fashion week just ended. These have been intense work days, made even harder by difficult commutes: Milan gets frenetic, driving around the city is nerve racking and finding a seat for dinner is almost impossible if you don’t book well in advance. Therefore tonight I’m diving into my couch. The plan for the evening? Glovo.

I am talking about the revolutionary service offered by the spanish start-up founded by Oscar Pierre in 2014, who is subverting the traditional concept of shopping with his App (available for both iOS and Android). After Barcellona, Madrid, Valencia and Paris, it finally lands also in Milan: the news of the internationalization in our country dates back to last March and it was made possible also thanks to the acquisition of Foodinho, italian start-up founded by a young entrepreneur called Matteo Pichi, now Glovo’s Country Manager, and well known in the city for its food delivery services.

But, how does it all work? The idea is disarmingly simple, so don’t worry if you’ll end up asking yourselves “Why the hell didn’t I come up with this idea myself?”. It happens to everyone, it’s always easy retrospectively. Anything you want, delivered at your place, within an hour for 4,90€ (fee in addition to the price of the items purchase, but it goes without saying). Please note, when I say anything, I mean literally anything: with Glovo you can get your favourite restaurant’s food delivered, a pair of shoes being sold only on the other side of town, a light bulb from the hardware store, a smoothie for your afternoon snack, a book just been published, a blister of ibuprofen from the closest pharmacy in case a bad headache wouldn’t allow you to go out and buy it yourself. But that’s not all: you can also mail a package at the post office, send them to collect the house keys you left at your friend’s flat… to sum it up: anything you could think of buying or shipping in the city.

Mockup Glovo

Thus, with a network of over 1,000 partner companies, the service ensures free delivery for the products sold by its partners. Just in case €4.90 were too pricey for your budged. Connecting customers and delivery men (more than 400 Glovers are already employed in Milan), you just need to type in the address of delivery and collection, as well as the details of the product you want to purchase. The payment is carried out directly via the App, through a certified security system and you are able to trace the order’s status at any moment thanks to the geolocalization of the Glover assigned to you.

Back to this evening, I just want my favourite pizza, the one they make at Lievità. I already feel it melting in my mouth. I set the table in front of my couch, play the latest Netflix series and look forward to the moment of well deserved and long awaited relax.


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