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Just Cavalli

Business dinners and exclusive parties: the right place for an unforgettable night out

“A little party never killed nobody… so we gonna dance until we drop… you don’t see one person sitting down, they got drinks in their hands and the rooms a bust, at the end of the night maybe you’ll find love…” at Just Cavalli obviously!

Sure, Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby Maguire could still be busy with “The Great Gatsby” and I wouldn’t want to lead you on with unrealistic expectations. But there’s a Leonardo out there getting ready for each one of you ladies, and why not, even the Carey Mulligan of your dreams you bold men. Because really, after the second drink aren’t we all a little more beautiful and easy going? So, I mean it. Drop the attitude and get ready to move!

We’re in the heart of the city, in Parco Sempione, and you can’t miss the Torre Branca, whose lights are always on, and as they change color are a mermaid‘s call to the party-addicted, VIP and socialite of the entire city. The signature is obvious. Our beloved Cavalli has given us furnishings fit for a thousand and one nights that couldn’t be more perfect, considering the layout of the area and the suggestive location.

Dance, people dance! If you happen to be there in the summer, well then you’ve hit the jackpot! From May to September you can let your imagination run wild, in moderation (darn it!), in the enchanting outdoors meticulously designed to frame a crazy night. Two dance floors, DJ set that will blow your mind and who’s gonna stop now?

In winter we suggest Wednesday: go for dinner. Every detail of the menu is excellent just like the name we know and love. But the best part is the show: evening burlesque! Amazing dancers, incredibly elegant, dance before your eyes, almost making you lose your appetite. I don’t know if that applies more to us girls – yes the gym is really useful – or to the guys. Anyway, the whole thing is carefully designed to be extremely refined but at the same time osé.

Work dinners, private parties, exclusive parties: it’s a ten! If you’ve got a hazy memory tomorrow, as if maybe you dreamed it all, well guys welcome to Milan, you’ve just landed in the very core of the Milanese vida loca. That’s what you wanted, right? It’s gonna be a party, guaranteed.

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