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Mag’s new winter menu is here

Spoiler: We are already in love with it

Ever since its inception, the Mag Cafè family has proven to know how to launch a successful project: they never leave their customers bored, even for a second. From the promotion of bars (Backdoor431930 SpeakeasyIter) to the organization of events, the Mag team has shown unmistakable creativity, the very creativity we know and love, which has been the key to their long-lasting success.

Mag Cafè - nuova drink list

For the new winter menu, Mag has invented another masterpiece. On the cover of the folded sheet you will be given at your table it reads: “More than a menu, it’s a journey around Milan.” And once it’s open, you will see a map of our city. Twelve metro stops, twelve different places to explore and fourteen new drinks to taste, all on the card in front of you. It’s truly more than a menu, but instead, a small guide to visiting Milan, perfect for tourists in search of new discoveries and for us citizens, who too often ignore the beauty right under our nose.

Menù Invernale Mag Cafè 2017

The real wonder, however, are the new winter cocktails, inspired by historic places of the Milanese lifestyle. Let’s have a look. It starts with Garibaldi, with its secret take-away for two cocktails: three cocktails with the same protagonist, Cinzano Rosso, reflected in the flavors of Coffee Manhattan (with a mix of Old Sailor Coffee and aged bourbon), in the Negroni variation with creole and lavender bitters, and in the classic Cinzano Cocktail with touches of angostura and gum arabic.

Menù Invernale Mag Cafè 2017

For Porta Genova we have an unusual and fresh mix of bourbon, featuring notes of sambuco and gin with citrus, ginger and paprika. The cocktail to celebrate the Duomo, however, turns to mixing Cinzano and Campari, but with dry notes of gin and bitter ones of pumpkin, with ending notes of the olive flavor. #TalkToMi, dedicated to Centrale, is sweet, herbal and citrus-flavored. For Conciliazione, Sesto San Giovanni, Maciachini and San Siro we have very strong, structured and complex drinks starting from their names, half-way between humorous and exotic, such as Matera Sour, Novare Serbando, Primo Viaggio and the Bauscia or Cacciavit.

Menù Invernale Mag Cafè 2017

Aztec and Santa Muerte aromas were chosen for the Sonno Arretrato dedicated to the Monumental Cemetery, which is a mix of tequila, mezcal, wine and flower syrup to give you an eternal rest while, in line with its refined nature, the Ciuchetè di Montenapoleone features golden leaf mixed with gum arabic and Mulassano Rosso with Chocolate. Porta Venezia is no less appealing with the remarkable lineup of Cinzano Bianco, orgeat syrup, gin, lemon and egg whites.

Menù Invernale Mag Cafè 2017

Let us leave our favorite for the grand finale, the Cadorna cocktail, the Eau de Saffran, served more in a bottle than in a glass, which combines French touches of vermouth with oriental notes of Umeshu, and a mantle of fruity saffron with a bourbon flavor and an arabic scent.

Menù Invernale Mag Cafè 2017

In short, it’s more than just a menu, it’s a fascinating itinerary, an escape while sitting still and savoring cocktails at the tables of your favorite bar. Enjoy your journey.


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